Milorad Pavic: Dictionary of the Khazars

Esteemed Readers & writers, -as most of us write something this or that way, – I suppose that each of us dreams or has dreamed to discover or to write a book that were unique, unbelievable, a bit absurd & extremely genius. Here is a perfect example of the kind: “Dictionary of the Khazars” by Milorad Pavic.

If you ask me about its structure,  I would reply: it is a sort of a dictionary, an authentic interlinear text one might read as he desires. Moreover, there are a male & a female versions as reading is a very serious deal, according to Milorad’s point of view, & it depends on the gender very much. If you ask me about the plot: it looks like that the central topic is how Khazaria & its Khan were choosing the right religion for them. If you ask me what genre it belongs to, I would reply: it might be a novel as there is a tiny love thread knitting this particular narration. If you ask me what my impression is, I would say: it is a great literary miracle for those who is spiritual & a great literary disaster for those who are free of any religious ideology. In fact…read it & make your own judgement whether it is a treasure or rubbish to be burnt in a fireplace. 😉

Some Quotes: “One mustn’t speak about a half of the soul! In this case, we might keep one part in Paradise & the other part in Hell”. “I got used to my thoughts as if they were my garments. They have the same waist size & I contemplate them everywhere even at the crossroads. And the worst thing is that I see less & less crossroads because of them”. “The Creator appreciates your intentions but not your deeds”.

I wish you pleasant  Pavic reading!😋😊

Maria KethuProfumo


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  1. Excellent Maria. He also wrote Landscape Painted with Tea which you also discussed. It is too bad he is gone. I think he was very creative.

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