Saints of The Russian Orthodox Church: Matrona Nikonova

Mother Matrona, Matrona of Moscow (as we call her), Matrona la Cieca or Matrona Nikonova (1881/1885-1952) is one of most praised Saint of the Russian Orthodox Church who was blessed with the gifts of prophecy, spiritual vision & healing since childhood.

Matrona of Moscow was born in a peasant family in a village of the Tula Region in 1881 or 1885. She was the forth child in the family & born totally blind. Her mother wanted to give her to the orphanage in the village Buchalki located nearby but it never happened. One night she dreamt with a beautiful white blind bird who sat on her breast & comprehended the meaning of this vision.

At the age of eight Matrona’s gifts became revealing themselves: she was very pious, could heal people & foretell the future. At the age of 17 her legs were paralyzed & she couldn’t walk any more. She knew it would happen & accepted this trial with piousness.

That period Matrona had a chance to make some pilgrimages. Lidia Yankova, a local landlord’s daughter, made her a company. They visited various Saint places of Russia & even had a meeting with John of Kronstadt, another Russian Saint living that time. John of Konstadt blessed Matrona & named her “the eight pillar of Russia”.

The October Revolution (1917) change Matrona’s life dramatically. Lidia & she remained homeless & were forced to wander seeking for shelter, some job & bread. Even in 1925 when Matrona came to Moscow she never had a permanent place to live no matter two brothers. The last ones became communists so they couldn’t support their Orthodox sister.

The Soviet power was very cruel with religious people & Saints. Many of them were killed, sent to the Gulag or exiled. Nevertheless, Matrona was protected with the Saint Spirit & even in the darkest Soviet time she continued her Saint duty. Crowds of people visited her no matter fear & restrictions of the Soviet regime.

Three days before her death (the 2nd May 1952) she warned her decease coming & willed people not to forget her & visit her tomb. At present Matrona of Moscow’s relics are placed in the Intercession Monastery of Moscow. The Saint is still alive for us & continues to make miracles & heal people.

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7 Responses to Saints of The Russian Orthodox Church: Matrona Nikonova

  1. Thank you for the story of Matrona Nikonova, Maria. She continues her work even though she is not of this world. A true saint.

  2. fulvialuna1 says:

    Non ne avevo mai sentito parlare. Affascinante.

    • kethuprofumo says:

      Grazie, carissima Fulvialuna. Matrona è la Santa molto importante per noi e davvero aiuta tanto a tutto il mondo! Preghiere a Lei sono molto forti. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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