La Gazette 1633: Historical News Today

Esteemed Readers, finally it comes the breaking news of the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648)! Some agreements & reconciliations have been signed, but the war is not ended yet:

Amsterdam, 11th April, 1633: “Here we are looking forward to return & response of the Deputies from Brabant who make us believe that the peace is closer, besides they wish to publish about it whenever they pass. Return of Breda, dismantling of Gueldres & Rimbergue towns & free trade in any place of Europe belonging to Flandry & Brabant we demand, among other things, from the King of Spain make us doubt that he will leave so easily what he possesses without assuring (his staying) in the West & East Indies he obtains his great incomes from. Since the States don’t desire to stop protection of their Armies, hence they are expected to be reinforced to encourage their more ambitious designs which will not be amusing for the rest. No matter the reconciliations we have achieved we trust our enemies little, that’s why we are building a new Royal fortress upon the Poldre, -at Namen taken (in a water battle) last year, – that is a bad perspective for Messires from Anvers (Deputies of Brabant).

Meanwhile people of Dunkerque continue their raids so swiftly that they do escape our warships, so only few our merchant ones are able to avoid them. This week two our well-loaded ships have been captured on their way to Bayonne”.

Dieppe, 19th April, 1633: “A French ship coming from the Isle S. Maurice loaded with hebeny wood worth more than hundred thousand livres has arrived to this port. It has voyaged for eighteen month & any member of the crew has returned back saved”.

Vive le Roy! 🙂

Maria KethuProfumo


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  1. Thank you for the news, Maria. I hope you have a terrific weekend.

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