Vinicius de Moraes, Toquinho & Les Couperin

Esteemed Readers, our attention moves to another musical retrospective view of Baroque music & Bossa Nova: they are Vinicius de Moraes & Toquinho or Les Couperin.

The previous year I have already introduced you our genius Vinicius who made a perfect duet with Tom Jobim. This year we are going to focus upon his own artistic heritage. Toquinho is inseparable from him, he is alike an adopted artistic son as well as a devoted friend for Vicinius.

Vinicius de Moraes (1913-1980) was born in a diplomatic family in Rio de Janeiro. His family was fond of music, so he managed to reveal his literary & music talent being very young. At the age of 14 years old he composed his first song “Loura ou Morena”. In 1929 he began studying the law & graduated with two books published “Caminho Para a Distância” (1933), “Forma e Exegese”. That period he was involved in the cinema environment & combined his artistic activity with a diplomatic routine.

In 1953 he composed his first samba “Quando Tu Passas por Mim”. The next year his play “Orfeu da Conceição” got the first prize at a context dedicated to the San Paolo anniversary. In 1959 he was involved into making of the “Orfeu Negro” highly awarded even at the international cinema festivals including the Oscar. And since then the epoch of Bossa Nova began.

In 1958 the first Bossa Nova album “Canção do amor demais” was released. It included mostly songs by our genius duet Tom-Vinicius.

They got acquainted with Toquinho (1946) in the 7os & became another good creative duet that revealed their music talent even more. They recorded plenty of albums together & added some particular baroque spirit to Bossa Nova .

At the same time Toquinho, who is originally Antonio Pecci figlio of the Italian origin, a wonderful guitar player, was growing in a musical environment. His teacher was a famous Brazilian virtouso e composer Paulinho Nogueira & he was lucky enough to get acquainted with Chico Buarque de Hollanda at the age of 19. Their meeting with Vinicius was destined & favoured his career. In the 70s due to the military dictatorship in Brazil they moved to Italy for a while where they made Bossa Nova famous.

Besides Vinicius de Moraes he collaborated with numerous national artists & promoted the Italian ones. (For example, Fred Bongusto, Grazia di Michele). And his string never fade as they have so much to tell us yet.

Fine. That’s all what I have to say about the present…while the baroque essence of two genius expects us in the very next post. 😊😎

Maria KethuProfumo 


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  1. fulvialuna1 says:

    Grazie per queste a me sconosciute informazioni 😉

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