Mercure Galant: Louis XIV Enters to Luxembourg

Esteemed Readers, it is a great day today! His Majesty has finally reached the Country Luxembourg & we are going to enter this wonderful city. Get prepared! Vive le Roy! 🙂

“…The King entered Luxembourg on the 21st (of the given month) & dined at Cherasse, the first village of the Country on the French side. The province itself is neither full of Forests nor Mountains like other Cantons. There are wide & fertile meadows filled with high quality grains. There are plenty of villages here but they haven’t been re-built (after the war) yet…

…The King was welcomed at the Gates by the Major of the Place who had crossed the City accompanied with six lines of his own armed Garrison…up to the place where His Majesty was going to stop. There were three shots, however they sounded only after the King’s arrival just to welcome him (Luxembourg was a conquered land so His Majesty didn’t desire to make his new subjects feel uncomfortable)…The Bourgeois came to offer him their offerings. All the streets were covered with tree branches according to the Country’s custom. During the Royal supper, which lasted for two hours,  fireworks were lit in the Quarter between the Passendal & the Grompt right in front of the windows of the Governor’s palace (located) near the River. All the streets were illuminated & these illuminations lasted everyday while His Majesty’ was staying in Luxembourg. The façade of the Hôtel de Ville seemed to be lit with more than two hundred Lanterns covered with verses glorifying this Prince. The bell towers were illuminated & plenty of white-waxed torches were burning all night long before the Major’s house. All these illuminations were accompanied with joyful cries: Vive le Roy! 

His Majesty was guarded by a Battalion de Champagne commanded by Mr. Baron de la Coste. There were plenty of foreigners in the City who were more numerous than people of the Court’s train…They had arrived from Treves, Colognes, Mayence, Juliers, Holland & the Spanish Flanders & they said that even the whole Champagne had gathered here to re-thank the King for having conquered this very place…” THE END.

For newcomers & those who missed a part of the journey due to legitimate reasons:

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PS. Painting by Charles le Brun

Vive le Roy! :-)🎉🧨✨

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11 Responses to Mercure Galant: Louis XIV Enters to Luxembourg

  1. So nice to enter the country as the victor. Congratulations to le Roy. 😁

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