La Gazette 1633: Historical News Today

Esteemed Readers, Happy 1633! The Thirty Years’ War continues & the tension between countries has been growing. A cruel unexpected death of the Swedish King Gustavus Adolphus happened at the Battle of Luzen (6 November 1632) changed the mood of the conflict & it became more hostile. The times of great violence & rage are beginning…

Prestau, 31st December, 1632: “Winter & its consequences come from Bohemia & Poland made the Coronel Dubald the Swedish & the Marechal Arnheim Saxon interrupt their siege of Neuz in this country of Silesia. That’s the reason why the Imperialists gathered masters of Munsterberg town in the very country. (This place) is worth nothing in comparison with ones the Swedish have possessed here…”

Berlin, 4th January, 1633: “Three new Swedish regiments have arrived to Colberg in Pomerania. They have come to help their companions to revenge the death of their King whose body is in Stralzund. (At the same time) the Queen of Sweden remains at Volgast located in the same country of Pomerania where she is waiting for the spring to come to return back to Sweden. Meanwhile the Count de la Garde is expected in Germany to share his great war experience & due to the King’s death to announce the Regente of the Kingdom during her absence…”

Bazel, 12th January, 1633: “Last morning the Imperial garrison surprised Nevembourg town by giving a camisard to the cavalry of Marquis de Dourlac who longed for it. However the same evening the town & the castle of Befort lied on the side of the Rhine River were surrounded by the Swedish, – who have moved almost to the borders of Lorraine & Burgundy thanks to this conquest, – & they took both the besieged Brisac & Nevembourg…”

Vive le Roy!😊

Maria KethuProfumo

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6 Responses to La Gazette 1633: Historical News Today

  1. Great report from the 30 years war, Maria. Seems the Swedish are making headway. 😁

  2. Yes, the way you present this makes me realise 30 years is a long time for war!

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