Mercure Galant: Louis XIV Travels to Luxembourg VIII

Esteemed Readers, mile by mile we are approaching Luxembourg. The weather is fine, it is summer & the borders are already at our sight:

“On the 19th (of the given month) we passed four lieues & have arrived to Estain to dinner & to spend a night as it is still a long way to Longvvy (the last stop before Luxembourg). Mr. Mathieu de Castelus who governs it has arrived to Estain to welcome the King & to recieve His Majesty’s orders. Estain is a huge walled town of the Diocese of Verdun. It is the last Jurisdiction near Luxembourg. Once this Diocese has been a little fortress & had a moat around however…it is not so obvious at present. Mr de Verdun followed the King to Estain. The Court had a wonderful time passing by villages, huge & fertile Plains. The majority found this place very uncomfortable, while the King, who was glad & enjoyed any thing around, was too content to be in need of something. His Majesty spent the afternoon hunting.

Estain is a Forest Region joined with beautiful Plains & well-cultivated Valleys. The Houses are big & cozy here. There are at least four Chambers to stay. The King, Monsieur & the Princesses arranged their Appartments in the biggest one, while each military unit of the Officers shared the other ones. The place itself seems to have been rather considerable; the Wars have destroyed it as it has not been fortified enough to protect the borders…” To be continued.

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PS. Painting by Claude Lorrain.

Vive le Roy!  Close to Luxembourg! 😊

Maria KethuProfumo


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15 Responses to Mercure Galant: Louis XIV Travels to Luxembourg VIII

  1. What does it mean to spend the afternoon chasing? Is this hunting? Thanks for this report, Maria.

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