La Gazette New Year: Historical New Today

Esteemed Readers, finally  it is the last day of 2020! 😁Tomorrow a new epoch is starting. Let’s hope so…And our historical news yet in the environment of the Thirty Years’ War might serve as a breath of so long-expected optimism & positive changes.

London, 20th December, 1632: “The King of Great Britain has been cured of smallpox. He desires to proceed with restitution of the Palatinat, once promised to his late father by the Emperor, for his nephew Charles Louis. At the same time differences of fishing between the Dutch & him continue…”

S.Germain en Laye, 1st January, 1633: “His Majesty (Louis XIII) who has begun (a new) year being completely healthy, has touched about one hundred sick persons on the Christmas Day after having fulfilled his great devotions that serve a good example of mercy for everybody. The Queen arrived here the next day. On the 27th of December His Majesty left for Versailles (yet a small haunting house) & returned back on the 30th. He is going to go to Dourdan next week. Meanwhile Cardinal de Richelieu being on his way back from his journey must welcome His Majesty, who is looking forward to see one of his most loyal servants…”

Ratisbonne, 9th December, 1632: “The Duke of Bavaria will continue to keep his Court at Bruna. a fortified town at the borders of the Diocese of Salsbourg, & he is intending to siege Ausbourg. They say it is well-guarded by six hundred soldiers, while the Clergy has no more liberty than other people”.

Good-bye a historical veil 1632! Welcome a vigorous historical veil 1633! Happy New Year!


Maria KethuProfumo


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14 Responses to La Gazette New Year: Historical New Today

  1. This is so interesting, Maria. Disease impacted everyone then, young and old, rich and poor. Happy New Year.

  2. Great dispatch, Maria. Looking forward to 1633. 😁

  3. fulvialuna1 says:

    Buon Anno Maria!
    E che sia sereno.

  4. wwayne says:

    Buon anno carissima Maria! 🙂

  5. adhandmade says:

    ***May a healthy happy year be yours **** ❤ ❤

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