Soviet Movie Café: Winter Evening in Gagry

“Winter Evening in Gagry” (1985) is a prophetic musical dramatic movie made by one of our best film-directors Karen Shakhnazarov. This profound & serious story has two plots: 1. entering of the digital & computer technologies into a concert life, therefore a question about substitution of a man with a machine is raised; 2. some episodes from an ordinary life of Aleksey Beglov, once the most brilliant Soviet step-dancer, are shown interlaced with an expansion of the computer age. A social drama & a personal one are united.

By means of electronic music & modern dancing the film director expresses his worries about the coming age of AI. While a personal drama of loneliness & oblivion of a great talented artist once popular & praised, the one who believed in the power of art until his last day, makes us ponder upon an urgent dilemma of our hi-tech time: if a union of a machine & art is possible for good? What does a Divine human talent mean in this aggressive AI epoch?

To my joy there is a Russian version with the subtitles in English, Italian & other languages…The movie contains plenty of dancing & musical episodes, so we will forgive the AI its unperfect machine translations. This movie is definitely worth watching!

Зимний Вечер в Гаграх (1985)

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  1. The movie wouldn’t play. Not available in the US. I’ll look for it on You Tube.

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