Tom Jobim: Se Todos Fossem Iguas a Você/If Everyone Were Like You


Esteemed Readers, Christmas is coming, therefore to make the environment more pleasant tonight I would like to offer you one of my favourite compositions by our genius duet Tom Jobim & Vinicius de Moraes named “Se Todos Fossem Iguas a Você”/”If Everyone Were Like You”. There are several marvellous performances of this immortal hymn of love. To my mind, Gal Costa’s version is one of the best.

“If everybody were like you, what a miracle the life would be! A song in the air, a woman to praise, to smile, to praise, to lose. The beauty of love alike the sun, alike the flower, alike the light. To love without deceiving & suffering. The truth would have existed. The truth as none has ever known it. If everybody were like you…”

 Maria KethuProfumo 

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