Soviet Movie Café: Love & Doves

Esteemed Readers, after you have learned about the Soviet horror😁😎, I would like to present you the film that is even famous abroad. It is called “Love & Doves”. It depicts a simple life of a Soviet village. The movie is extremely realistic, has some elements of comedy & a melodrama. The actors had to spend some time in a real village to learn some special features of behaviour.

The plot might seem rather plain. The whole movie tells about the Soviet reality of a common Soviet village family. As it is rather realistic, I’m certain you will be curious to learn the authentic present of the USSR. I find “Love & Doves” very pleasant film, a real treasure with the Russian spirit.

Hurrah! Here is a good version with the English subtitles: Love & Doves film

Enjoy watching!

Maria KethuProfumo


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  1. Thank you, Maria.🤗

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