Jean-Baptiste Lully: A Voyage to Siam

Louis XIV developed rather successful international policy. The great kingdoms of Asia were one of his targets. He managed to establish very good & fruitful relationship with China, India & the Kingdom of Siam (Thailand) as well.

The decade 1680-1690 meant an intense collaboration with the Siamese realm. His Majesty admired with its monarch Phra Narai, so he made necessary efforts to become his friend through the French ambassadors. During this period France sent five embassies to Siam while the Siamese envoys were gloriously recieved in Versailles. The integration between two countries was based on political, economical & cultural interests. And here Jean-Baptiste Lully’s music played a role of a positive diplomatic massage.

During a visit in 1686 the Siamese ambassadors invited Lully to dine with them. Then the composer, musicians & ballet dancers made a long voyage to Siam to perform before their king Phra Narai.

In 1690 a revolt took place in the magnificent Asian kingdom. King Phra Narai died, while his successor a covetous king Phetracha didn’t desire to reinforce the French-Siamese relationship.

Music breaks borders. It unites cultures & people. Jean-Baptiste Lully’s case proves it again & again.

Vive le Roy!:-)

Maria Kethuprofumo


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  1. A super history lesson Maria. Thank you.

  2. Wonderful and interessant 🙂

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