La Gazette in 2020: Samhain & Historical News Today

Esteemed Readers, Happy Samhain in the present & in the past! I looked through La Gazette 1632 seeking for some curiosités on the topic, however I discovered only some ordinary War news I’m glad to share with you. For those of you who join this section for the first time I remind that we are yet in the period of the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648). The given year is 1632. A true Halloween is everywhere & every day!

(Kingdom of) Naples, 26th October, 1632: “Near Arienzo most houses have been rebuilt after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, which goes on. Its lava stream has destroyed plenty of trees. Besides, two heads of exiles killed in Salerno were brought & exhibited to the public. The last one had to recognize those who called themselves their princes. The Spanish Church of Saint John closed & prohibited due to a quarrel happened there was open & re-consecrated not long ago”.

Rome, 30th October, 1632: “To reward Prince Savelli’s services the Emperor (Ferdinand II) established a new Signoria in Italy with prerogatives similar to a principality of the (Holy Roman) Empire, and he gave a title to Signor Bernardin, Prince Savelli’s son”.

“Velletri town has ordered a very beautiful bronze statue representing His Holiness by Chevalier Bernini costed three thousand escus to place it on their huge square”.

“Two Christian slaves sailed a ship to Civita-Vecchia loaded with goods valued two thousand escus, which the Turkish pirates has captured earlier”.

Venice, 1st November, 1632: “Our Commissars cannot come to an agreement about our borders with the Pope. So, we have to discuss the issue again with His Holiness. Not long ago he made Jean Baptiste Grimaldi, a brother of his Extraordinary Nuncio, visit all the fortresses belonging to the Ecclesiastic State. The Council of Ten ordered Esteemed G. Benedetto Bembo & other thirty persons to accompany him”.

The life goes on! Happy Samhain! Happy Fullmoon!🎃🎃🎃😉

Maria KethuProfumo 


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3 Responses to La Gazette in 2020: Samhain & Historical News Today

  1. Maybe Halloween didn’t exist in that part of Europe at this time. I think it originates from Ireland. Happy Halloween!

    • kethuprofumo says:

      It did, dear Robbie, as France belongs to the Celtic origins as well. However, the Samhain celebrations were different. It celebrated in accordance with the old rites even long after the French Revolution. La Gazette is more political issue. I think that it explains why it is not mentioned. Happy Halloween, my dear!

  2. Happy Samhein, Maria. A beautiful full blue moon tonight

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