Soviet Movie Café: Viy The Soviet Horror 1967

Esteemed Readers, Samhain is coming, so I thought about something really spooky this year. Besides, there will be an incredible full moon that day, so we might dedicate a post to the Soviet horror. Strangely enough the Soviet cinema did not make movies of the kind. The “Vij” I present you today is a lucky exception (for those of you who are fond of this genre).  I suppose that it had some political reason behind. A Soviet man had to be happy with his reality & each movie had to convince him in what a wonderful world he lived. Horror movies were something completely extravagant.

The “Vij” is based on the horror story by Nikolaj Vasilievich Gogol, our famous, unique & first author who dared to write in this genre. Gogol’s literary style is so particular that he is able to make frightened even experienced amateurs of such stories. In accordance with our mythology Vij is a spirit of Evil, who brings the death. He is alike the Spirit of the Down World who comes to the new dead to welcome them, however if he meets an alive person, he will take one with him.

The plot so far: “Khoma Brute, a seminary student, with his friends stay in a farm-house of an old woman. The last one tries to seduce Khoma but he refuses & runs away from her. She jumps on his back, rides him giving to comprehend that she is a witch. Khoma fights with her. The witch pretends to die & turns into a beautiful maiden. In the morning Khoma & his friends return back to the seminary. The Rector begs him to perform a funeral service over a daughter of a rich merchant died that very night. When Khoma reaches the place he discovers that the girl is the witch he fought with. He will have to spend three terrible nights in a house alone with a dead young maiden-witch accompanied with Vij & his servants…If his Faith is strong enough to survive such a great evil?”

I have discovered the original version with the English subtitles. However, this genre might not need them.

Enjoy it, Esteemed Readers!

Maria KethuProfumo

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22 Responses to Soviet Movie Café: Viy The Soviet Horror 1967

  1. fulvialuna1 says:

    Ho acquisito un’informazione nuova sul cinema sovietico.
    Grazie Maria.

  2. Great review.
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Grazie! Ho visto che funziona. Lo guarderò più tardi ❤

  4. theburningheart says:

    I just watched it, but rather than a horror story, it was hilarious!
    I wonder what today Russians movies are like?
    Maybe you can tell is about it.
    Thank you dear Maria. 🙂

  5. theburningheart says:

    I know it’s awful, and I lived in Los Angeles for over 31 years, the World capital of movies, and on my last job I worked for sixteen years on a place where many actors, producers, writers, and directors, used to patronize, and hang out, for business, and chat with us, I met people who when I was a young person in my small town 2,054 Km away never imagine I will be able to talk to, as casual friends, and I would chat with them about all kinds of things, like how come there’s not good movies produced anymore, most of them are very candid about it, and have no problem agreeing with my opinion, and adding to my knowledge, telling some reasons due to their own experiences on the industry. Basically saying that from an Art form, with Auteurs making movies, today moviemaking turned into a business, with little concern for Art, but for money, they do not want to risk money, but a sure hit, and they already know the formula, so why take any risk trying to make Art?

    • kethuprofumo says:

      Interesting & so sad considerations, dear Mr. Brigido. It reveals a true crisis of the modernity. Let’s see what the Acquarius epoch will offer us in this sense. The art must be re-born via the Spirit. Happy Christmas Eve & Merry Christmas (even if you don’t celebrate it)! 🎄✨🎉

  6. theburningheart says:

    Thank you dear Maria, I do not celebrate Christmas as the usual gathering, of families, and friends, due to the circumstances of my life, my family spread all over different cities, I have six children and only one lives in town, he has plans of visiting me tomorrow, as for the rest, I am in touch with them only by phone calls, they live quite far away from where I am, and they have now their own families, and duties that go along with that.
    But I rejoice on Christmas day, as a meaningful Spiritual date, as are the Solstice, and Equinox days of the year, each with a special meaning, and an occasion to meditate, and reflect on the inner meaning of such days, even if care little for the outward forms some people approach it, as a merrymaking occasion to spend money, let steam out, by getting drunk, and overeat, not even caring with the traditions of old, as a Spiritual and Religious day of meaningful observance.
    Merry Christmas to you Maria! 😂❤

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