Mercure Galant:Louis XIV Travels to Luxembourg V

Esteemed Readers, we continue travelling no matter that it is October. Our trip is save, no masks are necessary. Meanwhile far away in a diachrony in June 1687 the time has stopped & it is still a wonderful peaceful summer & His Majesty heading to Luxembourg:

“The whole Court arrived to la Ferté sur Jouare very early. This is a place located in a charming gorge deep in a valley. The river Marn contributes to beauty of the landscape & to fertility of the (local) Lands. The little Morin (river) flows into it & at the foot of the Abbaye it forms thousands of meadows perfect for pasture. This village is situated in la Brie of Champagne between Chasteau (Château)-Thierry & Meux. The Protestants captured it to 1562 during the Civil Wars of the previous Century. The haunting was very entertaining there. The King chased after crows.

At Jouare you can admire with a Bridge that joins the Chasteau (Château) to faubourgs. This Bridge is well-fixed. It is made from wood without railing. It is hung & supported only with a layer made of its pieces. They are sixty & four feet long. (Moreover) it has lost neither its beauty nor its strength since it has been built…

The 12th (of June) we dined on an Isle far from some Villages of the area belonging to the Celestine order. (Then) we went to supper to Monmirel belonging to Mr. de Louvois. All the Ladies & most of the Seigneurs of the Court had the honour to share a meal with the King that evening. The Table was laid for 16 couverts (sets)…(The next day) the King enjoyed hunting hares & partridges…”To be continued.

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PS. Painting by Nicolas Poussin

Vive le Roy! 🙂

Marie KethuProfumo


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12 Responses to Mercure Galant:Louis XIV Travels to Luxembourg V

  1. I think it was nice of the King to have us all over for dinner.

  2. fulvialuna1 says:

    Mi piacciono tantissime queste cronache di viaggio…mi ci immedesimo, seguo il corteo 😉

    • kethuprofumo says:

      Grazie, cara Fulviluna! Continuiamo insieme questo magnifico viaggio storico! Sono felicissima! De facto, la storia viva è sempre più interessante degli “opinioni” moderni. Buona serata! :-)🌹🎉

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  4. Would the King have had musical entertainment for his birthday celebrations?

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