La Gazette in 2020: Historical News Today

Esteemed Readers, the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648) goes on as well as the bedlam 2020. The news I would like to share with you today seem to me a reflection of our epoch on the other side. Everything is in fire & nobody knows when this hell will be over.

Dresde en Saxe, 1st September, 1632: “Besides the villages (we have lost) the Imperial troops have made even more damage: they have burnt villages Kurbitz, Pestlits & Wilfdorp. Beholding the fire they also burnt other directions around where no sign of damage was noticed. Seynach’s Cavalry (that stayed just a lieue away), moved here with an army of eight hundred incendiaires. They imprisoned most people of this town. Another group of the Imperial troops in the charge of Colonel Holk followed through the Merssen region. Yet if Colonel Dubald arrived to Grosglogau to join troops of our Elector (Maximilian I), whose camp is well fortified, they would go into battle. Kalcksteyn, another Colonel of his, has just marched to Zwikaw, (accompanied) by six Cornettes. All the peasants have joined him as despair to be tortured by the Imperial troops made them become soldiers. It also demands force as the Imperial troops, who forage & burn lands of our Elector, are on their way to another twenty hundred people besieging towns Adorp, Hoff, Olfnits & Plaven. In these areas they spread the same cruelty around. (Its level) is so high that the Voitland area in Zwikaw has turned into a desert.”

Ausbourg, 4th September, 1632: “Our Swedish garrison plundered & burnt the Imperial troops in outskirts of Stazlinguen, Derelinguen & Wolfurtzhausen in Bavaria… there they slandered the bodyguard designated by the King of Sweden. We were reassured in Ratisbonne that peasants of Ems, who captured some Emperor’s Officers, made a life chain from them across the Danube (to allow) the last ones surrender to masters of ships sailing there.”

Rome, 4th September, 1632: “St. Peter’s fire sent its gloomy greeting to Spain: during a ceremony (on this occasion) the Ambassador & the Spanish army provided a huge crown supplied with firecrackers. His intention was only to make fireworks , to display the power & to make sparkle the light of this crown. It happened, – by chance or by an Engineer’s mistake, – that it was burnt up itself due to these fireworks. On this occasion Pasquin said the next day: “E’ rovinata la coronna d’Espagna. Poi s’abbrucia d’e sestessa./The Spanish Crown is destroyed. Then it has burnt itself.”

Epochs pass & so little changes in the human environment!

Vive le Roy! 🙂

Maria Kethuprofumo 

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3 Responses to La Gazette in 2020: Historical News Today

  1. What fool would put fireworks on a crown? Well, I guess there is such a fool.

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