Soviet Movie Café: The Man From Nowhere

“The Man From Nowhere” (1961) is another surrealistic Soviet movie that reveals weak points of the human society. This time it is not a robot but a savage from an unknown tribe Tapi learns Soviet people to be kind, sincere and don’t be carried away with objects, machines & the dry Soviet reality.

The story so far: “A geologist of an anthropological expedition, Vladimir Porazhaev, who searches for a mysterious tribe Tapi, has an accident. He find himself in a lair of the tribe, gets acquainted with one intelligent savage & brings him to Moscow to prove his colleagues that The Tapi exist. The movie is represented as a path of spiritual developement of a scientist & a savage who learns how to live in civilization keeping his true human moral aspect. On the way of his industrial evolution the Tapi teaches the Soviet people, especially the scientists, what it means to be a Man. At the end the scientist & the savage make a surrealist flight by a rocket. Somewhere in the space the Tapi makes a decision to return back to his Tribe to learn them to be men too. The dénouement of the story is very unpredictable…”

The film was made by our great film director Eldar Ryazanov, (The Irony of Fate & many other profound movies about deep human relationships), & even was banned in the Soviet Union until 1988. So, it is worth watching as it contains a very direct satire to the Soviet environment.

I have not discovered foreign versions, so I offer you, Esteemed Readers, the one with the youtube translation, though not so convenient: The Man From Nowhere (1961).

Enjoy the atmosphere!

Maria KethuProfumo


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10 Responses to Soviet Movie Café: The Man From Nowhere

  1. Thank you, Maria. I love these soviet movies.

  2. theburningheart says:

    I will watch it later, the translation looks good, sometimes when the translation it’s autogenerated is a nightmare. 😦

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