Louis XIV Asks Riddles IX

Esteemed Readers, today I would like to present you a historical riddle out of time. The object hidden in it is one of the most essential things in our world, important almost for each of us even at present. I would say that it might serve an allegoric greeting from Louis XIV’s time. Good luck!

“Being a good help for human weakness as well as due to my unique talent I serve both for the poor & the rich & rarely I seize anger among them…Without having any affection for me, they carry me around the town & in the house.  My need was welcomed. After the World has received me, I have power almost everywhere to be useful in more than one deed. I please Craftsmen, I have Sages as Supporters…And people cannot help liking me. They pick me up alike their defensive body. And since the moment I have been used, only the Nose on the Face beholds me as my service is to raise it “.

REPLY to the Riddle posted on August 24, 2020: A TUBE😉

Vive le Roy! 😊

Maria KethuProfumo

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16 Responses to Louis XIV Asks Riddles IX

  1. I’ll have to say, fire.

  2. mocaiana says:

    I’m not sure: perfume?

  3. fulvialuna1 says:

    Occhiali…credo che la traduzione non è stata buona.

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