Tom Jobim: Samba do Avião


Followed the previous post about Louis XIV’s journey, this charming ode to air travelling, Rio de Janeiro & airports will be a pleasant unusual compliment. “Samba do Avião”/”Airplane Samba” is one of the most famous pieces made by our genius. It expresses so much love to his beloved city Rio de Janeiro, praises its beauty & transmits its spirit by means of its positive melody.

It was composed in 1962. They say that the idea came to Tom Jobim during his numerous strolls from Ipanema to Santos Dumont Airport. Our composer was afraid of planes & flying, but he enjoyed beholding them.  “Samba do Avião” mentions the international airport in Rio de Janeiro “Galeão”, which has got Tom Jobim’s name since 1999.

I present you a wonderful version performed by the amazing Gal Costa. Indeed, the soul sings while listening to this ode to flight.

Maria KethuProfumo

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6 Responses to Tom Jobim: Samba do Avião

  1. Another favorite. Love Gal Costa.

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