La Gazette in 2020: Historical News Today 1632

Esteemed Readers, it is still 1632. It is still the Thirty Years’ War. However, there is plenty of battles around. I present you a small extract dedicated to the King of Sweden(Gustavus Adolphus) & Louis XIII:

Metz, 8th May, 1632: “Meanwhile our borders are being prepared to send you some tidings. This week the affaires of Bavaria are to be clarified. The King of Sweden wishes, as we know, to pass Lech to inspect all the towns which they call ‘reformed’ (in a different sense than in France: they are Catholic towns for them). To stop him Tilly fortified ditches, redoubts & forts…the King of Sweden did the same, broke through & fought with his army. Besides Merode & many others, whose certain number is unknown, Aldringuer died from a piece of bone that hit his head. Tilly’s Cousin was wounded, while Tilly him-self died of gangrene set in his knee injury made with a hit of a fauconneau (in previous battles). It looks like the reputation of this great Captain did not allow him to die instantly like many others did. The Imperial Army retreated leaving some ammunition, the King of Sweden coursed it & also captured Neubourg, Fridberg, Lanberg sur Lex, a Jesuit Seminary & Aurbourg. It was said that from there he proceeded to Munich, though he was pleased to do that…He was welcomed with the pomp on the 24th about midday in the presence of the King of Boheme, his brother Auguste, Dukes Iean de Weimar & Iean d’Holstein, Marquis Christophle de Bade Dourlac, numerous Ambassadors, Counts, Barons, Colonels & other nobility. He visited Saint Anne’s Church where Te Deum was performed in his (protestant) manner. From windows of Marquard Faurce’s house the bourgeois swore him an oath: “be faithful & obedient to him & to the Crown of Sweden as real subjects; may God help them & their souls”. On the 26th he visited a shop where he found all he needed to arm his thirty thousand people. Before departing he addressed to the Vicar & the Imperial Council to fulfill their charge better: he wished the old Officers to re-establish the honour of his reception. After that in the evening he returned back to his camp at Lochausen”.

S.Germain en Laye, 10th May, 1632: “…An engineer demonstrated two rare inventions to His Majesty. The first one was an iron canon with a lighter level two thirds of which is made from bronze but it fires at a longer distance. The other was a mode to load end-burning grains without wood, carbon or any other ordinary means used by present, so convenient for besieged town or places lack of wood…”

Vive le Roy!:-)

Maria KethuProfumo


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7 Responses to La Gazette in 2020: Historical News Today 1632

  1. A good news report. Poor Tilly. Going by gangrene is not easy. Better to be hit by a bone in the head (tee hee). The King of Sweden had his day. He was never heard from again I’ll bet. The bronze cannon and burning grains are a big step forward in technology. Thanks, Maria,

  2. HesterLeyNel says:

    It seems like the human race has always been at war through all the ages, Maria. It’s only the technology that changes. Very interesting.

  3. War has often produced bit steps forward in technology, Maria. An interesting post. Dying of gangrene must be pretty awful.

    • kethuprofumo says:

      Agree, dear Robbie! In fact, the war news always tells very curious methods & techniques og the war art. Indeed! THe gangrene is a horrible thing…:-)

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