Soviet Movie Café: True Friends (1954)

‘True Friends/Vernie Dryziya’ is a pretty musical comedy made by director Michael Kalatozov & highly appreciated abroad. It has been awarded the Crystal Globe in the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in 1954.

At the background of a relaxed comedy we might see a true portrait of the Soviet society after Stalin’s period. The main characters are three friends who have known each other for ages. In the beginning we see them as little boys travelling by a raft along Yausa river & dreaming of great voyages & adventures, then they reappear as successful serious men. Boris has become a neurosurgeon. Alexander has done a professor in breeding, while Vasilij has turned into an architect. They re-gather together & make another voyage along Yausa river as they have promised each other being boys.

The movie interlaces numerous interesting plots: development of the main characters as well as the change of the River, which symbolizes the life itself. Trials they pass in their amazing journey, the Soviet environment & people they face. I should notice the movie to be very realistic. The film director did his best to plunge us into the Soviet time focusing its positive & negatives sides. This is not a propagandistic film alike the most ones shot those years. On the contrary, it is a rare movie telling a simple life of people, their joys & sorrows.

It seems to me that sometime ago there was yet possible to find this movie translated. The English version exists somewhere for sure. However…the plot is rather simple to be comprehended in the original. So I would dare to share the original Russian version for the bravest of you. Enjoy watching!

The Original Russian version True Friends/Vernie Druziya 1954.

Maria KethuProfumo 

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12 Responses to Soviet Movie Café: True Friends (1954)

  1. Thank you for introducing me to this comedic film!
    Best Wishes, Charlotte

  2. I also looked for English subtitles but couldn’t find one.

  3. This sounds lovely, Maria.

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