Jean-Baptiste Lully: Te Deum Laudamus

Esteemed Readers, Happy Easter! May it be indeed the time of your personal resurrection, of raise to a new spiritual level so necessary to fight the Evil oppressing us & to return the Light back! May Jean-Baptiste’s Lully composition “Te Deum” add some solemnity to these festive days!

Happy Easter! Buona Pasqua! Joyeuses Pâques! Feliz Pàscoa! A’Chàisg sona!

Maria KethuProfumo

About kethuprofumo

Reconstructing the Past for the glorious Future
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11 Responses to Jean-Baptiste Lully: Te Deum Laudamus

  1. A very happy Easter to you, Maria!

  2. Thank you, Maria. I hope yours is also wonderful and filled with hope.

  3. Happy Easter, Maria. Thank you for Te Deum Laudamus

  4. A Happy Easter to you, too, Maria!

  5. I love to hear this tracks in the gregorian form. True spirituality. Also i love the ancient Byzantine/ Orthodox religious chants

    • kethuprofumo says:

      Sì, le composizioni di Jean-Baptiste Lully sono molto forti. Mi pare che la musica cristiana è forte se stessa, nonostante che sia ortodossa o cattolica. Buona serata!

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