La Gazette in 2020: Historical News Today 1632


Esteemed Readers, historical news heading keeps up informing you about the Thirty Years’ War events. Here are some breaking messages from Paris, Flambourg & Rome, year 1632:

Paris, 13th February, 1632: “The world has never seen such rude pursuits of riches before those that have happened at present in this city. Ten occurrences have been registered only for last three days. Last Tuesday, on the 10th, a guest, his wife & their maiden were hung to be plundered, while three other women were whipped & banished (from the house) not to behold this crime”.

Flambourg, 19th January, 1632: “The General Banier’s journey to Boheme was delayed because of Papenheim’s Army from Magdebourg, which, after being robbed & destroyed in the main Church close to the mines, was defeated. It spiked the canons it was unable to draw & threw them into the Elbe, then it left on the 8 of the given month, taking the garisson & the citizens to Volfembutel where it is believed that the Army will do the same thing due to its weakness. They also say it has some weird designs against the city of Lunebourg & the Brunsvic Region. The General Banier, who stays at Calbe now, (where he has withdrawn after learning about unequal forces of Papenheim), is expecting reinforcement from Landgrave de Hesse & the arrival of Duc de Weimar”.

Rome, 26th February, 1632: “Rome is praying for the Peace in the Christian world. His Christian Majesty (Louis XIII) has reassured His Holiness to do everything possible for that. From Naples they write that the Mount Vesuve keeps up erupting, so another two villages have been burnt because of ash the wind is scattering around…At length the mountain crack has turned into a mouth of thousand steps in diameter”.

Vive le Roy! 🙂

Maria KethuProfumo


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2 Responses to La Gazette in 2020: Historical News Today 1632

  1. Always good to have the latest news. That darn Mount Vesuve is a pain and still remains so.

    • kethuprofumo says:

      🙂 Thanks, dear John! I was surprised to discover the news about the Vesuve, so I decided to share it with you. “La Gazette” is full of amusing things. 🙂

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