La Gazette: Historical News Today -1631

Esteemed Readers, on the Eve of 2020, let’s pay a tribute to 1631 with its not too bloody news yet. The Thirty Years’ War was in progress, but main battles were yet far ahead:

Fernambour, July 5, 1631: “From five ships our fleet has met this week we have brought three charges of sugar, some wine & other foods; a couple of canons have been drawn out from the forth one sunk at Cape verde, while the fifth one was saved. The fortress Tamaraca is defending, there are 300 soldiers in garrison there, who even don’t have a hint to surrender easily.”

Constantinople, August 10, 1631: “Heles Bacha, who followed the path of rebellion, has disarmed by the very first order he received from his Grand Seigneur…They brought here the body of Assan Bacha, the Admiral & the brother-in-law of Grand Seigneur. It is suspected that he was poisoned as he was sick no more than twelve hours. It has been a long time since great terrors similar to the present ones have happened here.”

Rome, September 13, 1631: “Duc de Guisse is in Florence. Thousands of Spaniards have been sent from Barcelona to Naples to reinforce the seashore garrisons; six galleys from Bizerte were damaged & taken to Corsica to be repaired. At the same time the Naples Galleons have taken two corsair ships sailing from Sardaigne. The Vice Queen of Saragossa perished. The Ambassador of Venice & Dom Thadée Barberin, the City Prefect, are quarreling due to her decease.”

Hereon we say Good-Bye to 1631 tidings. Welcome 1632!

Maria KethuProfumo


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5 Responses to La Gazette: Historical News Today -1631

  1. A timely report from the front, Maria. Happy 1632

  2. Happy New Year Maria!!!🎇🎇🎇🥂

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