Russian Fairy Tales in Cinema: Fire, Water & Brass Pipes

Esteemed Readers, if you search for a fantasy satire movie full of fun, folklore motifs & true genius inventions, the film-tale “Fire, Water & Brass Pipes” is the proper thing. It is based on eclecticism of the Russian folklore & joins plots of various stories united under a modern interpretation. The background seems to be more or less ancient, however the meaning follows in accordance with the Soviet present. There are plenty of brilliant ideas such as Koshei’s wedding with B’aba Yag’a’s daugther, the fire in Tzar‘s house, adventures in the undersea world & many others.

The story so far: Kosh’ei has finally decided to get married…with B’aba Yag’a’s daughter…but the bride herself is far not in her first youth. They are given some rejuvenating apples. Kosh’ei has all of them, denies his bride & kidnaps a pretty young mortal Al’enushka. So, her boyfriend, V’asya, who makes an impression of a rather foolish  & cowardish dandy, has to go to Kosh’ei’s kingdom to save his love. His journey is tough: he has to pass fire, water & brass pipe, (allegoric symbols of misfortunes & vanity), to become mature & to be able to fulfil his mission.

The English version is called “Through Fire, Water and Brass Piper”. It is available on Youtube.  There is a DVD with international subtitles (Italian,Portuguese are included) on Amazon.

Enjoy watching!

Maria KethuProfumo


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9 Responses to Russian Fairy Tales in Cinema: Fire, Water & Brass Pipes

  1. This sounds fascinating, Maria. Thanks for sharing this. I will see if I can find it.

  2. jorgesapia says:

    Boa indicação. Obrigado

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