Russian Fairy Tales in Cinema: F’inest, the Brave Falcon

If you desire to comprehend the essence of a true Russian super-hero traditionally named bogat’ir, Esteemed Readers, this movie is made for you. Our folklore regards a bogat’ir as a man of almost giant’s size, very strong & brave…although not too intelligent. He is able to resist any dark power as well as to help common people in days of peace. The time out of wars he spends working at land training his body. As a rule he is depicted as a ploughman or a paysant. From a symbolic point of view the land means an enormous spirit for a Russian man, so by means of improving his connection with it, the bogat’ir, (whose name derives from “Bog” – God), prepares himself for new battles ahead.

Fin’est, the brave Falcon” is an amazing folklore movie, full or irony, humour & music. It tells about the bogat’ir Fin’est deceived by a coveteous dark sorcerer Karta’us Red-Moustache, who lures him. enchants & turn into a wild monster. At the same Fin’est’s native lands prepares to fight the dark forces & everybody begins searching for Fin’est to protect them.  A clerk ‘Yasha & Fin’est’s bride Alen’yonushka set off on a journey that will become both dangerous & educative. It will reveal spiritual forces of each hero & will make them comprehend who your friends & enemies are, while the main hero will have to fight his own inner dark side to be able to protect those who he loves.

The English version is available at Amazon prime & in Youtube.

Enjoy watching!

Maria KethuProfumo


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7 Responses to Russian Fairy Tales in Cinema: F’inest, the Brave Falcon

  1. Sounds like a super story, Maria.

  2. Do you think that the essence of a hero of a nation changes along the years or there are some costant archetipal characteristics ?

    • kethuprofumo says:

      Che buona domanda! Grazie Tutto cambia, perchè niente è fisso in questo mondo e epoche varie hanno i compiti diversi. Sul’eroe russo posso constatare che il bogatir è stato morto al’inizio del tempo Sovietico. Non c’è più…mentre i Cesari italiani si risvegliano. Che piacere di vederlo! 🙂

  3. Aweni says:

    Sounds really interesting. Two things to check out on youtube now.😉

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