Mercure Galant: Genealogy by Mr. de Hozier

Esteemed Readers, if you are interested in genealogy or like spend free time studying ancient races, the news published in Mercure Galant 1678 will be very useful for you. Anyway, it is so curious to learn what papers were necessary to prove your own Nobility:

“I believe that I will give a pleasant piece of news to those of you who is keen on Genealogy by announcing a release of a Book of the Most Illustrious Families. The King has told Mr. Count d’Armagnac Grand Ecuyer of France to make a Catalogue of all who had an honour to be Pages under his command since 1667 until now. So Mr. Armagnac has ordered Mr. Hozier, an expert on Genealogy of Ecuries of France, to collect at least 5 degrees of Genealogy, which Everybody who wants to prove his Nobility, must provide…

Those who joined this challenge were obliged to send their Christian names & ones of their Family, Duty & Charge they had in War at the Royal service; furthermore since when they didn’t serve His Majesty as Pages; Names, Qualities & Lordships of their Fathers, Grandfathers, Grand-grand fathers as well as those of their Wives. Besides everybody had to add Pieces & dates of their Marriage (Contracts), their Wives’ Duties & Charges…And a Memoire of their Race age; what Province they had belonged to; Branches the Race had made; where they had lived; all about Lands & Charges they had possessed; what Services they had provided & occasions when they had shown their qualities…”

I haven’t managed to find the original text of this masterpiece made by Charles d’Hozier. I suppose it to have disappeared during the French revolution. However, his father, Pierre d’Hozier, has created another magnificent work on genealogy named La Généalogie des principales familles de France, which pieces exist yet.

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3 Responses to Mercure Galant: Genealogy by Mr. de Hozier

  1. What an amazing task, Maria. You have to wonder if it was worth it.

    • kethuprofumo says:

      Thanks, dear John. That epoch it was necessary. For some families it was essential to prove their nobility to obtain lands, property, special services at the Court. I would say that each noble family cared much of its genealogy & as I see it kept profound data of their ancestors.

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