Louis XIV Asks Riddles XI

Esteemed Readers, the winter is at the door & calls us for a new pretty riddle about some natural phenomenon. Activate your imagination! Good luck!

“Made from an invisible substance I have wings alike a bird. They carry me since I was born. I’m the sunrise. As well as the Angel of light I make the Sky serene & beautiful. And in front of me land & earth re-obtain their original grace. My tender return calms the lion of the Sky & the rage of Heatwave. And if to move beyond Hercule’s borders, you should only beg me”.

REPLY to the Riddle posted on October 26, 2019: RAINBOW

Vive le Roy! 🙂

Maria KethuProfumo

About kethuprofumo

Reconstructing the Past for the glorious Future
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