Mysterious Town Kitezh

Each nation has its magic, mysterious places described in folklore. Those are places of a spiritual force that mean a connection with ancestors thus with customs & traditions as well as a spiritual rebirth or the Garden of Eden on Earth.

In case of the Russian mythology & culture as a whole this place appeared only in the 18th century. Town Kitezh or Kitezh Grad, as we name it, is something completely unique & pure Russian. This is a mysterious place located beneath waters of Lake Svetloyar somewhere in the Nizhny Novgorod Region. As a rule it is invisible to people, however for true Orthodox Christians & those who bear the authentic Russian spirit in their hearts, it might appear above the waters early in the morning.

Kitezh Grad‘s symbolism is more philosophical & theological. This is a town of hope, prosperous future, the true Eden on Earth we should looking for. It might exist only in Russia, as our philosophers considered, & it would be the path for saving our nation. As the whole Russian culture of the late period (18th-19th centuries) represents a mixture of the strict Orthodoxy, admiration of the Western Europe (France, Germany) & a profound pagan background, Kitezh Grad is a complicated folklore phenomenon indeed. Its essence consists of three contradicting currents, so it is difficult to comprehend which one is responsible for its mystery & moreover what way it is formed.

It is in the core of the Russian philosophy to seek for God, the purpose of life, to suffer for high ideals & ideas, so Kitezh Grad is an imaginary destination a man of the high spirit must follow. Another interesting point is that, no matter its approximate location, Kitezh Grad exists mostly somewhere in the depth of our hearts. It doesn’t have any particular shape, it is invisible, so it means that it belongs to another dimension, to the Eternal life.

There is little information what this town looks like & what expect a man of the high spirit there when he will finally reach it. And this intrigue makes Kitezh Grad even more attractive.  Coming out of the lake waters early in the morning a sunlit town leading us towards the true Christian salvation. What a hopeful picture of the better future!

Maria KethuProfumo


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26 Responses to Mysterious Town Kitezh

  1. “It is in the core of the Russian philosophy to seek for God, the purpose of life, to suffer for high ideals & ideas, so Kitezh Grad is an imaginary destination a man of the high spirit must follow.”
    ~ As a teenager, growing up during the Cold War, I was taught that the communist Russians were godless peoples. Oh, the lies we spread about the Other!
    ~ I enjoy your posts about Russian fairy tales and folklore 🙂

    • kethuprofumo says:

      Dear Rosaliene, thank you so much for your cordial comments! Here I should clarify something: I tell you about Russia before the communistic period. In fact what you have been taught is the shameful truth. And I’m afraid we are paying hard for having betrayed God. No matter Russia has restored the Orthodox Church in 1991, it has nothing to do with our identity. I prefer to tell you the gems of our authentic & too much lost in oblivion mentality from few respectable sources I have. Have a nice week!

  2. Lovely story, Maria. Thank you

  3. Leon says:

    Secret places, yes please more and more. I think is some how reall but not for everybody and not now maybe. Like centuries ago atoms electrons and small particles didn’t exist. We need to go on a higher level or rather go back to that level.

    • kethuprofumo says:

      Hm….you are right! By the way, I have checked about the white water. There is none. I suppose that you should search Shambala’s tales, Asian folklore. All what we have are only stories mentioning “the water of life”, “the water of death”.

  4. I have never heard of this before, Maria. Thanks for sharing.

  5. smilecalm says:

    the goodness
    of suffering!
    an ancient
    wisdom, thanks 🙂

  6. etiliyle says:


  7. theburningheart says:

    Paradise lost, that place that we only can encounter with the proper use of the Heart through Imagination.
    Here Hesiod:
    At first the immortals who dwell on Olympus created a golden race of mortal men. That was when Kronos was king of the sky, and they lived like gods, carefree in their hearts, shielded from pain and misery. Helpless old age did not exist, and with limbs of unsagging vigor they enjoyed the delights of feasts, out of evil’s reach. A sleeplike death subdued them, and every good thing was theirs; the barley-giving earth asked for no toil to bring forth a rich and plentiful harvest. They knew no constraint and lived in peace and abundance as lords of their lands, rich in flocks and dear to the blessed sods (lines 110-121).
    The Alam al- Mithal of the Sufi mystics
    Thank you Maria for let me know about the Russian Shambala. 🙂

    • kethuprofumo says:

      You are welcome, dear Mr. Brigido! 🙂

    • kethuprofumo says:

      The curious thing is that Kitezh grad is not perceived as the sacral place by Russian. Shambala is far more spiritual in this sense. At least that’s great that we have kept some remembrance of it, even in a folkloric & an artistic way.

      • theburningheart says:

        Well, most cultures do not elaborate, they speak it as a Story, and it was to the individual who had to be aware of the Sacredness of it, or to figure out the mystery behind it, most people would not go as far as to decipher it, we call it now day Myth, the same word we use now, as to describe something false.
        Like dreams, every persons dreams, but there some they are not even aware of it, and the most, can’t tell what they mean, or if they have any purpose at all, despite, Freud, Jung, and many others.
        For them it will be like Shambala, a closed realm, only for those who posses the “Open Sesame” key to open the gates of the Cave of hidden Treasures.

        You are fond of riddles Maria, this its one. 🙂

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