La Gazette: Historical News Today-1631

Esteemed Readers, the Thirty Years’ War has returned & here are some tidings of 1631 I present to your dearest attention. Let’s revive this…not always glorious time:

Bruxelles, June 12,1631: ” Marquises de Sainct Croix & d’Ayetone have come here to begin inventing some cooper canons able to carry two livre/pound balls. They will be stronger than the ordinary ones. Besides these Messires are ordered to cut thousand pieds/foot of the longest & the thickest trees for a project yet unknown & to design a channel from Anvers to Hernetail. On behalf of the King of Great Britain Sieur Gerbier Jadis, Secretary of Duke of Bouquingan, has arrived to that Court where he will certainly wait for Cardinal Infante, whose train has already set off, as letters from Spain tell us.”

Amsterdam, July 14, 1631: “They say here that fortifications of Rivestain Gemp & other places we have left due to the Imperial troops, – who only differ with the Spaniards by name,- are about to re-start. The Imperialists are going to stay in provinces Cleves Juliers & la Marke belonging to the Dukes de Brandenbourg & de Nieubourg. Our army is always in Brabant. We have equipped our fleet & have armed 10 best persons from our some land camps for it to outrun Cardinal Infante. If we are fortunate enough to meet him, our canons will be used not only to give him a welcome shot.”

Douver, July 26, 1631: “Six hundred of the Scottish left England in Milord Hamilton’s service. He is going to the King of Sweden. They are ready to start any moment. Sieur Bourlamachi often comes to France with extra ordinary visits on behalf of the King of the Great Britain.”

Oh, these Spaniards!

Vive le Roy! 🙂

Maria KethuProfumo 


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6 Responses to La Gazette: Historical News Today-1631

  1. LOL “Not only for a welcome shot.”

  2. fulvialuna1 says:

    Interessante curiosare nel passato, meno male che qualcuno ha scritto 🙂

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