The Role of The Russian Spirit In Folklore

Esteemed Readers, finally we have come to a very important point that should be mentioned in the context of the Russian folklore. I mean so called “Russkij Duh” or the  Russian Spirit.  This is a mysterious essence, condition, whatever which fills the content of all our folklore. The Russian Spirit is far more than a world outlook, far more than a way of life, it is a sort of genetic & spiritual memory that is believed to have been kept in the Russian nation.

The Orthodox mentality perceived the life as a path of suffering & sacrifice was imprinted on our folklore. It is very likely that its impact made our tales so wild & dark. If we might regard fairy-tales as a mirror of the national self-identity, we should accept the absence of true joy & excessive romantism in the Russian tales. It might be linked with great moral restrictions the nation was undergone for many centuries. I believe that there are yet positive bright fairy-tales somewhere hidden or yet not discovered, so remained unknown; while those I have already presented you mostly make a rather depressive impression.

If we ponder upon the idea of severeness the Russian Spirit was formed in,perhaps we would comprehend better why B’aba Ya’ga & other characters depicted as “negative ones” are opponents of this phenomenon. They are symbols of bright real Slavic history lost in centuries. They belong to the authentic tradition no matter that human minds turned them into disgusting & dangerous criminals & they mostly never lose their dignity. B’aba Ya’ga always helps the hero, supplies him with weapons etc. She proves that the dualism of darkness & light exists. Another point is where should we search the light in the Russian mythology?

Maria KethuProfumo


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8 Responses to The Role of The Russian Spirit In Folklore

  1. The Orthodox influence certainly cast a pall over society and would be reflected in the stories. Thanks, Maria.

  2. I think most folklore reveals rather scary things about nations and their pasts. The whole of Europe is like this too. Think of Grimm’s Fairy Tales and Hans Christian Anderson.

  3. Duh is spirit also in Slovenian language 🙂

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