Magical weapon in the Russian Fairy-Tales

Esteemed Readers,

I suppose that it will be logical to go on a bit further about the magic background in the Russian folklore. Besides all of us are fond of magic in this or that way. So, today I invite you to study the point of the magical weapon. In fact the last one is an essential part of many other cultures.

Taken into account the tales I have already presented you & some others I cannot conclude that our national folklore is so fond of magical attributes. Ivan Tasarevich’s stupidity is the main one we often find in tales. Nevertheless there are a few objects that might be comprehended as weapons: water of life & death, a magical sword, a magical ball-an ancestor of the GPS, a magical apple & a magical saucer & a magician-wife. As we have already discussed the topic of the female destiny & role in the tales, let’s move to the objects.

Water of life & death: Due to cruelty & an extreme violence in our tales, this sort of thing is always in need. No matter it is used with corpses of already dead heros, the result is marvellous. Nobody informs how much they lived afterwards, but one thing is certain: this weapon is not an elixir of immortality.

A magical sword: This is a traditional artifact that unites us with the whole world. The Russian magical sword is called “Kaladen’ets”. Its origin is uncertain. Too often it is kept by B’aba Yag’a. In some tales the hero gets it in in the beginning, in most in the end to fight the evil.

A magical ball: I guess that it is also common for other cultures. What a pleasure to think that a ball might lead you the right way! Studying the tales I have noticed that it is not so frequent in books, while in our movies it is a very popular magical weapon. Anyway, you will never be lost if you find a magical ball somewhere in the forest.

A magical apple & a magical saucer: U-hu-hu! Here is an ancestor of the Internet. An apple was put on the saucer, then it began going round showing all the events happening in this or that land. Traditionally it is kept & used by B’aba Yag’a. 

If Asterix & Obelix have read this post, they might have been very dissapointing when they have learned that the Russian folklore have used no magic potion. Oh, well! The Russian Heroes are practical, besides no one can fully rely on Ivan Tsarevich to be certain that he would have used magic sticks & potions properly.

Maria KethuProfumo


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7 Responses to Magical weapon in the Russian Fairy-Tales

  1. I wonder how one knows when they come upon any of these magical items? Fun post, Maria.

  2. Leon says:

    Hmmm, where are this Times gone 😔? Or as you said we just change items for another… but they should be unique.

    • kethuprofumo says:

      It depends on the point we analyse this problem. Anyhow, the Time means all: the past, the present & the future, so the magic weapon is yet with us in its newer shape!

  3. I discovered this week that Pandora’s box was a bottle. I wonder if Russian folk lore had a Pandora character.

    • kethuprofumo says:

      A bottle? Oh, gosh! However…that’s a logical thing. A good question, dear Charlotte. We have some too nasty female characters…but they cannot be compared with Pandora’s one.

  4. theburningheart says:

    Well, I guess certain objects are Magical in many cultures, the sword its an obvious one, also crystal balls or in any other shape, and the water, or Fountain of life, even as late as the Sixteen Century, Juan Ponce de Leon went in search of it to Florida.

    Nice post Maria. 🙂

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