Mercure Galant: St. George’s Ceremony

Esteemed Readers, the religious feasts were very important & celebrated with a Royal splendour in the 17th century France. Here is a little description of St George’s day in Besançon during which the Chevalier Order bearing the same name inducted new members, who were noblemen & famous courtiers as well:

” Besançon ceremony of St. George’s Chevaliers traditionally arranged on the day of this Saint passed with its ordinary solemnity. Mr. Marquis de Montauban, the Royal Lieutenant in this County, & the Chef City Magistrates who were invited, gathered in the Hall of the Carmelite monastery where the Chevalier of this Order usually met on the 21st of April, on the eve of this Feast. Various affairs were discussed as well as the Commissaire’s report about those who gave submissions to enter the Order was heard…Then the monks were announced to come in a train to the Hall door & then to proceed to the Church accompanied by Chevaliers who held monks’ hands (two & two by each side)…The rod holder re-vested his mantle, (they say once it had belonged to the Dukes of Burgogne), holding the silver Rod crowned with the Cross …I forgot to tell you that this Rod had an impressive & precious image of St. George as an ornament…The Chevaliers occupied their sits in Chorus. The Vespers began. Then they returned back to the Hall…The next day the same Company gathered at eight o’clock in the same place. They went to the Mess & a magnificent meal (in the honour of new members) was arranged by Mr. Marquis de Montauban afterwards…”

Vive le Roy! 🙂

Maria KethuProfumo

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20 Responses to Mercure Galant: St. George’s Ceremony

  1. I love St George’s day, Maria. A great post.

  2. I always had sympathy for the dragon.

  3. Leon says:

    Beautiful painting 😀

  4. Great post and beautiful image

  5. smilecalm says:

    such royally cordial mannerisms!
    perhaps some were vegetarians 🙂

  6. Ciao carissima!
    Ti auguro una felice domenica.❤🌹

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