Fairy Tale: Ba’ba Yaga’

Esteemed Readers,

today I present you a folk tale about Ba’ba Yaga’ to have a break from Iva’n Tsare’vich’s adventures. This version has much in common with Hansel e Gretel, so il allow me to conclude that it appeared in our folklore in the XIXth century, when Germany, its literature & philosophy was much in vogue in Russia.

The tale tells about two little twins who were turned out of the house by a wicked step-mother. She sent them to the wild forest to serve Ba’ba Yaga’. Unfortunately, our beauty Yaga’ is described as a true witch in the tale. She creates a dreadful impression. So, poor children had to work hard before getting their freedom & escape.

No matter a real Grimm’s spirit, the tale keeps the Russian essence. It analyses a process of maturing by means of unpredictable circumstances. While reading it occured to me that it was alike the planet Saturn that became our strict teacher since a certain age. At the same time the tale shows Ba’ba Yaga’s helplessness. It is so difficult for her to live alone in the forest. Enjoy reading!

Here is the full tex: Russian Folk Tale 9

Maria KethuProfumo

The Source: Folk Tales From the Russian, by Verra Xenophontovna Kalamatiano de Blumenthal, 1903


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18 Responses to Fairy Tale: Ba’ba Yaga’

  1. Always amazing stories, Maria.

  2. smilecalm says:

    such a precautionary tale, Maria!
    i should never expose children
    to a wicked step mother 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing, Maria! 🙂

  4. Leon says:

    That’s the one which I know😁

  5. wedreamaloud says:

    The old fairy tales had terrible villains !! 😀 Great sharing 🙂

  6. Che bella storia ❤

  7. I have a copy of this tale, Maria. She has a house on chicken legs and a giant pot she travels around in.

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