Fairy-Tale: Ivan Tsarevich & The Grey Wolf

Esteemed Readers, here is a new, almost thriller story, about Ivan Tsarevich’s adventures and the most interesting is that it touches very dark hidden aspects. I would call it “Ivan Tsarevich’s dark nature” if I had been the author.

As always Ivan Tsarevich sets off for an unwanted journey, but this time besides stupidity he gets involved into robbery, black magic & deceit. And the grey Wolf, who is traditionally considered as a negative character, helps him so skillfully that the fairy-tale makes a twofaced impression. There is no honour, great deads or even bravery in it. Ivan Tsarevich acts as a villain and gets everything he wants without almost being punished. How much this story corresponds to the state of the present Russia!

Nevertheless it raises the extremely important topic regarding the Russian nation, that is its irrational, dark origins. Our philosophers like to highlight that, besides being a country of great contrasts & an enormous imbalance, the Russian lands keep yet the wild, pagan nature. This fairy-tale make you feel it. All the events happen in woods, Ivan Tsarevich faces the death to obtain a dreadful companion, the grey Wolf. At the background of a weak & a spineless Tsarevich, his wild friend seems to be the only good in this story. He represents a true power, a true source of fight & wisdom, but one must know to use it correctly. Ivan Tsarevich’s adventure show us that “robbery is a mortal sin” & you will pay it sooner or later. Dark deeds are washed with his own blood & only those who serve the darkness (the grey Wolf this time) might help him. If it is worth doing? That’s the key rhetorical question of this tale.

Here is the full text: Russian Folk Tale 7

Maria KethuProfumo

The Source: Afanasiev A.N. “Russian Folk-Tales”, Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co, Ltd. London. 1915

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15 Responses to Fairy-Tale: Ivan Tsarevich & The Grey Wolf

  1. Sounds really good. I’ll come back to read it.

  2. Leon says:

    How is corespond to present Russia ? Do Russia gets everything they wants without almost being punished ?
    Can’t open full tekst file.

    • kethuprofumo says:

      The Word version is old, use some settings, if you have a newer version. In some way, yes. I meant our rich people…Everybody knows that they earn their billions in a dishonest way.

  3. smilecalm says:

    enjoyed this old tale, Maria!
    with many criminals running countries
    it does seem a dark time across the globe 🙂

  4. HesterLeyNel says:

    I loved this tale, Maria, although all three the Tsarevichi seem to have the makings of greedy scoundrels.

  5. This certainly highlights the dark side of Ivan Tsarevich. Thanks for another great tale, Maria.

  6. Liv Miles says:

    This sounds fascinating! Russia is indeed a wild, untamable place.

  7. bernard25 says:

    bonjour ou bonsoir mon Amie

    Merci pour ta présence
    L’amitié est une source d’énergie
    Elle dégage en nous une chaleur
    Cette amitié c’est comme une
    Source , comme l’eau qui coule d’un ruisseau
    Elle nous donne de l’énergie positive et d’un besoin mutuelle
    On ne peut se passer dans la vie de
    Rire, pleurer, s’exprimer et se laisser aller
    Comme les rayons de soleil qui entourent la terre
    L’amitié c’est une force que nul ne peut ignorer
    je te souhaite un très belle semaine une belle journée ou soirée
    Et tout le meilleur dans ta demeure
    je te fais de gros bisous

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