Fairy-Tale: Kosche’i Without Death (an ancient version)

Esteemed Readers, today I present you another almost thriller fairy-tale dedicated to Koschei the Immortal, our hero of the day. This sort of a tale is closer to those we comprehend as traditional ones, as it contains adventures, an abduction & other nasty events one can find in the Russian Fairy Tales.

The main hero is Ivan Tsar’evich, a rather common one too. In fact, there are two Ivans as main characters in our fairy tales: either Ivan Tsar’evich (son of the Prince) or Ivan Dur’ak (the Stupid). Both of them are smart enough to pass their quests, however I’d like to notice that Ivan Dur’ak is usually more active, more intelligent & more innovative. Ivan Tsar’evich gets too much in the beginning & loses it, so the need pushes him to his adventures. Ivan Dur’ak faces other circumstance: other people or a simple wish to help involve him in his quests.

There are several old women, all of them alike reflections of Ba’ba Yag’a, they fulfil the same duty. Animals & birds serve Ivan Tsarevich too together with his beautiful lady & the white magic. Kosch’ei the Deathless is not represented as a true evil in this version, however seeking for his death is a breathtaking enterprise indeed.

Here is the full text: Russian Folk Tale 6

For Koschei’s admirers: There is an old Russian movie with English subtitles in youtube: “Koschei the Deathless” 1944. It’s very impressive!

Maria KethuProfumo

The Source: Curtin Jeremeah, “Myths & Falk Tales of the Russians, Western Slavs & Magyars”, Boston 1903

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25 Responses to Fairy-Tale: Kosche’i Without Death (an ancient version)

  1. It is interesting having two Ivans in the story. Good job, Maria.

  2. Interessante 🌹🌹🌹

  3. Leon says:

    Bulat The Joker what a joker and best friend, he actually defeat Kosch’ei with such a sacrifice. There was only one puzzle, what about rest two ? Thank you Maria.

    • kethuprofumo says:

      True, my dear friend…however, there are so many versions of this tale! In more modern ones the hero uses Swors Kladenets he gets from Baba Yaga. In this version, as you see, so many things are hidden. I’m going to post another more modern fary tale about Koschei, there you will find what you are longing for. 🙂

      • Leon says:

        Yes you right, going in good direction, I read about this sword you mentioned. Is very interesting and has some similarities to Camelots Sward, other which are in mine list; Archangel Michael’s one and Jedi’s light swords. In the article they mentioned this “…that kladenets (treasure) is often connected with the motif of being hidden inside a wall and in the tale example it gives, the “Tale of the City of Babylon” (Skazanie o Vaviloné grade Сказании о Вавилоне-граде), the samosek-sword is also called “Asp The Serpent” (Аспид-змей) and it was ordered hidden inside the wall by the sword’s owner, Nebuchadnezzar.” Babilon and Nabuchodomozor those are biblical threads, in the other hand film made in 1944 !!! War time ? has some Christian and pagan and I will say Islamic characters ? And nowadays Putin is meeting with Pope Francis ? hope I’m not to inquistive, knowse 😂

      • kethuprofumo says:

        Ha-ha-ha! Don’t worry! I believe that it is normal that all the cultures have common traits. We come from God, the same sources of wisdom. And it is logic that Archangel Michael’s sword has become Camelot, Kladenets, etc. These are proves of our rich Christian culture. Well,,,the movie made in 1944 has little correlation with the war itself. Just that period our cinema made true masterpieces 🙂 as everywhere in the world.

      • Leon says:

        Show me more those następujące. 🙏

      • Leon says:

        Masterpieces I mean 🤪

      • kethuprofumo says:

        🙂 I thought swords 🙂

      • Leon says:

        Sword is mine task to find the right one, use against enemy and save maja lubow. But if you point me where I can search, thank you very much 🙈🙉🙊🤪😂

      • kethuprofumo says:

        I see! Of course, I will! Don’t worry! 🙂

  4. smilecalm says:

    almost make me wish
    for the straight forward drama
    of the old days, Maria 🙂

  5. I think you always have to have a theme of opposites in stories, Maria, to make them interesting and have a rivalry.

    • kethuprofumo says:

      It seems so, dear Robbie. You are right. I always wonder how much wildness exists in our folklore. There are very creepy tales as if the world of deads used to be more in favour than the world of alive.

  6. bernard25 says:

    Bonjour ou bonsoir mon Amie

    Chaque jour, je vois défiler le temps
    devant moi la réalité, derrière moi un passé
    Chaque jour, je fais les mêmes gestes
    Les mêmes mouvements
    Assis devant un café, je viens te retrouver
    L’ordinateur est devenu mon ami avec lui
    je t’offre un peu de joie un peu de bonheur
    et toute l’amitié que j’ai au fond du cœur
    Profite bien et ai pleinement conscience du bonheur de vivre
    Je te souhaite un bonne fin de semaine

    Bises amicales

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