Russian Mythology: Spirits

As the Easter day means spring & nature awakening as well, let’s review Russian Pagan spirits, which are believed to have participated in every day life.

L’eshij – the spirit of forest. He is considered to be the main of his kind, his wife is named Leshìha & children are Leshak’i.  He protects forests & hunting. Ancient people believed that if Leshi was in a good spirit he might help them, if not he might be the reason why they got lost in forests. Thunderstorms were believed to be quarrels between Leshij &  his wife.

Vodyan’oj – the spirit of water. He is alike Neptune in the Roman mythology, however mostly he protects rivers, lakes & ponds. The modern interpretations present Vodyanoj as evil, however, I doubt about it. They say he makes people drown, scares & causes various incidents. He sleeps during the winter, awakes in spring when the ice is melted & begins to behave disgracefully, as he is hungry & angry as a bear.

Domov’oj – the home spirit. He is alike Juno in the Roman mythology no matter he is male. As a rule Domovoj is kind, he protects the dwellings, helps his masters. He likes to behold the house arranged & to have sweets & bakery in his own corner somewhere in the kitchen. If these demands are not fulfiled, he knows to turn the daily routine in a chaos, makes his masters poor & ill. If they refuse to comprehend his alarms, he might even burn the house.

Happy Easter, Esteemed Readers! I hope that your Domovoj has prepared for you plenty of wonderful surprises!

Maria KethuProfumo

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13 Responses to Russian Mythology: Spirits

  1. kleonek80 says:

    That’s quite interesting, especially L’eshij spirit, which sound like mine name Leszek 🙂
    Where can I read more about ?

  2. How interesting, Maria. It makes sense that there are gods derived from nature in Russian mythology. It is good to know about these.

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