Fairy Tale Thriller: Miraculous Hen

Esteemed Readers, today I would like to present you a mysterious tale, which might be successfully enlisted as a thriller story. It contains all the necessary elements: mystery, killing, blood & other creepy things. Savage tales are rather popular in the Russian mythology. All of them show, on one hand, a difficult relationship with nature and on the other, the process of a human growing by collaborating with its wild side.

This very story touches such an important topic as prosperity and shows how people change if they suddenly become rich. A miraculous hen bought by an old man from a drunkard destroys the family peace. Together with money it brings envy, evil & death. In the Russian language “zlo” (evil) & “zoloto” (gold) derive from the same root. Many our tales highlight the peril of richness & never describe the last one from a positive point of view. For Slavs to live happily meant to live in simplicity, to work hard & to have just enough for living.

So, the Miraculous Hen, that at the culminating point became the victim of those who it made rich, is a good reminder to ponder upon the true values & the evil big money bear.

Here is the full text:Russian Folk Tale 3

Maria KethuProfumo

The Source: Afanasiev A.N. “Russian Folk-Tales”, Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co, Ltd. London. 1915


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18 Responses to Fairy Tale Thriller: Miraculous Hen

  1. Whoa. Quite a tale, Maria.

  2. A most interesting fairy story, Maria. The derivation of the word gold in Russian is also interesting.

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    Check out this Russian folk tale from this post on the eternamenta blog.

  4. Great story. Love it!Thank you very much for sharing! Best wishes, Michael

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