Fairy Tale Thriller: Miraculous Hen

Esteemed Readers, today I would like to present you a mysterious tale, which might be successfully enlisted as a thriller story. It contains all the necessary elements: mystery, killing, blood & other creepy things. Savage tales are rather popular in the Russian mythology. All of them show, on one hand, a difficult relationship with nature and on the other, the process of a human growing by collaborating with its wild side.

This very story touches such an important topic as prosperity and shows how people change if they suddenly become rich. A miraculous hen bought by an old man from a drunkard destroys the family peace. Together with money it brings envy, evil & death. In the Russian language “zlo” (evil) & “zoloto” (gold) derive from the same root. Many our tales highlight the peril of richness & never describe the last one from a positive point of view. For Slavs to live happily meant to live in simplicity, to work hard & to have just enough for living.

So, the Miraculous Hen, that at the culminating point became the victim of those who it made rich, is a good reminder to ponder upon the true values & the evil big money bear.

Here is the full text:Russian Folk Tale 3

Maria KethuProfumo

The Source: Afanasiev A.N. “Russian Folk-Tales”, Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co, Ltd. London. 1915


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21 Responses to Fairy Tale Thriller: Miraculous Hen

  1. Whoa. Quite a tale, Maria.

  2. A most interesting fairy story, Maria. The derivation of the word gold in Russian is also interesting.

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    Check out this Russian folk tale from this post on the eternamenta blog.

  4. Great story. Love it!Thank you very much for sharing! Best wishes, Michael

  5. HesterLeyNel says:

    I really enjoyed this story. I do find it intriguing that in many of these tales the characters resort to extreme violence – cutting each other open, chopping one another to pieces. Haha. Scary stuff. But then there is also always a moral to the story, a lesson to be learned.

  6. HesterLeyNel says:

    I am so happy that I now have a little time to catch up with all your blogs I have missed. and I will read the rest of March and April blogs this week. I have been studying (a language and writing skill course) in between work, for the past few months. This kept me quite busy (as did the beach and the beautiful summer holiday weather which I enjoyed to the full) and I have only fully returned to blogging a few days ago. At the moment I am concentrating on Afrikaans blogs but I will be taking up the challenges and English blogging again in due course.

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