Fairy-tale: The Languages of the Birds


Esteemed Readers, here is the first Russian folk-tale I would like to share with you. The name Vasili derives from the Greek Βασίλειος (king), in English is more common as Basil. It is very rare in our folk-tales…well at least in those I have read or heard. I suppose that it comes from the South as it tells about sea-voyages. 

The structure of the fairy-tale is traditional. It tells about a boy who tells their parents the truth but instead of gratitude he is mistreated. As a result the boy is forced to travel overseas, but there he is welcomed by foreigners. His wit & talents are appreciated abroad, he helps others to solve their problems & is rewarded afterwards. In the end of the story he encounters his wicked parents and forgives them, as he is a noble man, so they all live to enjoy good. 

The plot is very popular in our tales. The topic of a family ingratitude touches almost all of them. Animals & birds are other important characters of the Russian fairy-tales. There are few magic creatures, though. Most of those who help humans are real, forest or sea creatures, while their help is mostly practical: a piece of advice, an action, very rarely magic weapons & never spells.

Here is the full text: Russian FairyTale 1

Maria KethuProfumo 

The Source: Afanasiev A.N. “Russian Folk-Tales”, Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co, Ltd. London. 1915


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6 Responses to Fairy-tale: The Languages of the Birds

  1. wwayne says:

    Leggo e commento regolarmente i tuoi post da 3 anni, e tu fai lo stesso con i miei. In tutto questo tempo ti ho visto pubblicare tanti post – capolavoro, ma questa è senza dubbio una delle gemme più splendenti.

  2. It’s a great story, never come across this one. For me the moral is understand the language of nature and then live with abundance!

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