Louis XIV Asks Riddles VIII

Esteemed Readers,

here is a new allegoric enigma for your pleasure. This time it is dedicated to something really precious for everybody:

We have no life of our own and if we are born, we become an ornament of masterpieces of Heaven: we add grace to any beauty, while its desires always make us famous; The one who pays a lot of attention to us will gain more glory; he tears new beauties from us; we hold back hearts of those who we have enchanted and we also get the fruit of this victories; Often we are alike moving waves in the sea, disturbed by the wind; you are ill when you lose us and you often cut us…What are we? 

REPLY to the Riddle posted on November 5, 2018: HEART

My congratulations to John and Belén! You have made it!

🙂 🙂 🙂

Maria KethuProfumo

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Reconstructing the Past for the glorious Future
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10 Responses to Louis XIV Asks Riddles VIII

  1. Not a clue, Maria. I was going to say stars but they don’t fit the last line.

  2. smilecalm says:

    perhaps we
    are asparagus 🙂

  3. Belén Soto says:

    I’m totally lost … I was thinking about my hair … but I think I should keep thinking 😉

  4. Natale Pace says:

    Ciao Maria, un abbraccio e Buon Natale!

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