Myth II: The State is Me

‘Mon Dieu! O-la-la! Ha-ha-ha! Mu-mu-mu!’ that’s what I’m going to reply to the one who has invented this really shameful expression. And some other strong words to those who believed in it.

Why Louis XIV couldn’t say it and even think in such a manner? First of all he was a sacred figure and God’s Lieutenant on Earth. He realized his Mission profoundly. Moreover, it is believed that any king bears a piece of Saint Spirit. And obviously it turns a human into a semi-God. While the semi-God comprehends things differently. Second the sense of King’s life was to serve God, France & his Subjects. He never comprehended and was not even able to separate these things, allowing himself to replace the Lord with his own ego. He even had no ego. For, as the State was an image of the Divine Kingdom on Earth, he would have committed a blasphemy by placing himself on the top.

And linguistically it was impossible as well. The phrase in modern French sounds: L’Etat c’est moi!’ Ha-ha-ha! The revolutionists have made a great language reform, so, therefore, Louis XIV would have not even comprehended it, if he had heard. In Old French it must sound: ‘L’Estat c’est moy!’ And if we take into account the fact that l’Estat meant God, he would have never dared to say so.  Anyhow, thanks to the author of this aphorism. He has made a brilliant historical anecdote.

Have a nice day & Vive le Roy!

Maria KethuProfumo


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15 Responses to Myth II: The State is Me

  1. Have a nice day Maria!!!

  2. Interesting analysis, Marie. So who wrote those words?

  3. Cecilia says:

    Great reading, vive le roy!

  4. A fascinating piece of information, Maria.

  5. Aquileana says:

    Your arguments are really conving … I don`t think he would have compared himslef to God.
    It is also believed that when he was close to his last moments he said: “Je m’en vais, mais l’État demeurera toujours.” (“I depart, but the State shall always remain.”).
    Maria. I wanted to thank you for the card . I received it. I love the gift you included. I posted a photograph on my Instagram account (you can see it in my blog, after the Twitter widget). I am extremely grateful ❤ That really meant a lot to me… Sending love & best wishes 🙂

  6. theburningheart says:

    Sadly through school we were indoctrinated on those false stories, Maria, that you so well discard, as Historical myths. 🙂

    • kethuprofumo says:

      In fact, they are opinions created by the Revolution, like a term l’Ancient Regime, absolutism, etc. But we should have courage accept that & begin regarding history with respect that is from the true point of view. Thanks for your comment, dear Mr. Brigido.

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