Myth I: Louis XIV – The Sun King

Descendants, unfortunately, are very ungrateful. They like to invent various stories & to defame names of their great & illustrious ancestors, using the fact that the last ones are dead and can’t protect their honour.

Louis XIV is one of the most defamed kings ever. The French revolution worked hard to destroy his true essence. So, let’s start from his famous nick-name: “The Sun-King”. ‘Is it  a nick name?’ you might ask, my Esteemed Readers? Yes, because in the past any king was regarded as Jupiter or Sun in many cultures, but Rulers were always named according their deeds. Louis XIII, Louis’s father, deserves much more to be called the Sun-King, because he used this symbolism more. Louis XIV had the name of Dieudonné /Godsent and further became Louis le Grand, that was a sign of the greatest respect on behalf of his Nation.

For the 17th century people the figure of their king was sacral. The king was  God’s Vicar on Earth, Father of the Nation. It was believed that his personality bore a piece of the Saint Spirit inside. He was always respected, mentioned in prayers of common people. The Royal Family and all the events happened there were alike a center of adoration. On the other hand, the King considered his Nation as children he had to take care of with great responsibility and always remembered that himself he had no mother, no father, no family. That’s why when a Sovereign was depicted as a Mighty Jupiter nobody would see in it anything unnatural.

The French of the 17th century would be really surprised to learn that such a great personality as Louis XIV has got such an odd name. They would certainly ask what about Dieudonné/Godsent? But what can answer to that those who destroyed the Divine Order and established a liberal kingdom of democracy?

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18 Responses to Myth I: Louis XIV – The Sun King

  1. Pupazzovi says:

    Molto interessante !!!!

  2. Donnalee says:

    very interesting–thank you.

    Louis XVI didn’t fare well either, but seems to have mismanaged quite a bit. But that is another story for another day perhaps.

  3. A very interesting post, Maria. I enjoyed learning this information about Louis XIV.

  4. Very interesting. Great insight to help with our project.

  5. ateafan says:

    We would melt in his presence. ☺️

  6. I’m looking forward to discovering more 👍🏻

  7. smilecalm says:

    interesting history, Maria!
    i wonder if i would have done better
    as king back a few hundred years ago 🙂

  8. I live with the feline Louis Catorze & I really enjoyed reading about the human Louis XIV! 🌞👑

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