Dazzling Christmas Beauty

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Modern Christmas can’t be imagined without many things. A brightly decorated Christmas tree is one of them. And as soon as it is dressed in its sparkling fragile jewelries, the spirit of the feast becomes very intense. Bright lights twinkle happily over dozens of fanciful decorations. The last ones have the special meaning for they are particles of our family history, while the rite of decorating itself symbolizes resurrection of our memory and records.

The modern Christmas tree, that is no more decorated only with food, sweets or ribbons, represents the development of our century, its cultural & scientific ups & downs. So many rockets appeared on Christmas trees after a man has conquered the space! Plains, trains and vehicles, as symbols of the progress, are often guests too. Bright multi-coloured baubles are mixed with Christian symbols, Nutcrackers, fairy-tale heroes, Santa Klauses, snowflakes, deers, various animals & birds, cones, vegetables & fruits. We’ve got even some amazing mushrooms made of  papier-maché. And all that eclecticism passes our hope for the better future & a persistent belief in a miracle of the New Solar cycle.

Prompt development of our civilization has its  inevitable impact on Christmas trees. Look at materials decorations are made from: those of the beginning of the 20th century are glass, paper, cardboard & from papier-maché; the modern ones are plastic or from other polymers.

No matter what route our life will follow, the Christmas tree as a symbol of a personalized human heritage will exist long after us, giving warmth of our hearts & pleasant recollections to our descendants. It is a living history depicted with peculiar objects and alike the tree of life, it connects the past, the present & the future, paying homage to Eternity.

And what are your favourite decorations, Esteemed Readers? I would be happy to learn of them. Share your considerations in comments.

Maria KethuProfumo


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12 Responses to Dazzling Christmas Beauty

  1. We like the ornaments from Poland. Christopher Radko is our favorite designer.

  2. fulvialuna1 says:

    Ciao Maria,
    spero che tu abbia trascorso un Natale sereno.
    Io adoro i decori di vetro e cartapesta. Il mio albero è sempre addobato con le palline appartenute ai miei genitori, risalgono ad un arco di tempo che va dagli anni ’58 al ’70 (ne ho circa 80), ho alcune palline che amici mi hanno portato dall’inghilterra, dall’oriente, alcne sono decorate a mano…insomma amo il vetro, i nuovi decori non mi piacciono proprio.
    E a te cosa piace?

    • kethuprofumo says:

      Grazie, cara Fulvialuna!
      Si, tutto è andato molto bene. Noi abbiamo molte decorazioni antichi,,,quasi tutti sono dagli anni ’40 al ’80. Ci sono anche alcune collani di perline dalla fine del Novicento. Io adoro i funghi di cartapesta. (Aggiungerò la foto dopo il Capodanno). Dal anno scorso ho cominciato a fare le mie decorazioni. Loro sono migliori! 🙂

  3. My favorites are the clothespin dolls’ crèche made by my mom and seashell ornaments made with my daughter and granddaughter.

  4. I like the ornaments that indicate family. The ones my wife and I made when we were children along with the ones my children have made have a prominent place on our tree.

  5. Beautiful post, Maria. I’ve never thought of the Christmas tree as “a symbol of a personalized human heritage.”

    The Christmas tree of my Guyanese childhood was magical with its bubbling candle and Santa ornaments. During our early years in Brazil when money was tight, I created a Christmas tree from a tree branch and, together with my young sons, made ornaments out of colored paper. Three years ago, I gave away my Christmas tree and collection of ornaments. My sons are men now. The Christmas tree has gone the way of Santa Claus.

    My favorite Christmas tree decoration? The star at the top of the tree. As a parent, I strove to be the guiding star in the lives of my sons.

    • kethuprofumo says:

      Thank you for your mindful comment, dear Rosaliene! You’re right, the star on the top is the most beautiful one, besides it bears the Christmas meaning more than other decorations. Most of toys on our Christmas trees are from 40s -80s of the previous century. Since last year I’ve begun making Christmas decorations myself. I prefer wooden, fabric, paper ones and hope to learn to make papier maché ones in the nearest future. 🙂

  6. You are right, Maria, Christmas decorations have definitely changed over the years. My favorite decorations are the ones my children made, my tiny glass angels and the ones from my childhood that my parents gave to me.

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