Recollections Are Made of Soul Sweat*

Even stones have memory…

We’re luckier than our ancestors, for we are able to keep any moment of our life. One press of a button and, voilà, an instant is saved for next generations to come. This opportunity creates a false sense of omnipotence. At the same time it makes us petty: we consider that any shot has a great meaning for the mankind. In fact, most of them don’t. In the hi-tech time we’ re obsessed with the idea of self-importance. We think that our pictures in frames, home-made video, objects we keep as souvenirs create the memory. Let me doubt…They are we who endow them with special qualities. We share with them the energy of our Souls to make them fit into our memory. Meanwhile Gods does in a different way.

Let’s imagine our Universe, the place where energies flow in various directions. They can come across, join together, run apart. These tiny threads of existence, able to transform in substance, sooner or later become particles we know as recollections. Everything in the world has memory. The one that is made of so-called energetic interaction. And this memory has no Time or Place. It simply exists as much as God desires that. However it may plays a joke with us, humans, or any other creatures that can change their bodies. So, if we suddenly find ourself in the place we used to live, we might recall something curious or something interesting might even happen with us.  We name this phenomenon dejà-vu…But, perhaps, it’s a simple recollection, one of those our Soul keeps through Time and Space?

Even stones have memory. Every water reflection and a blow of the wind remind us of something. But our Soul misses their signs, if they are of no importance for it. My favourite writer, Milorad Pavic, once wrote that recollections were made of Soul sweat. If it’s so, I wished I could sweat at least a drop to learn the inner side of myself…

* See more Milorad Pavic’s novels

Maria KethuProfumo

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25 Responses to Recollections Are Made of Soul Sweat*

  1. What a beautiful post, Maria! Insightful and profound in its simplicity. Our souls are in sync ❤

  2. Pupazzovi says:

    Bellissimo post …..
    Un saluto

  3. Thoughtful Post, Maria. I try to sweat my soul at least every day.

  4. ateafan says:

    I was thinking that once upon a time only very important people had their portraits painted and only artists could do ‘selfies’ – the iphone has devalued self portraits! No sweat as they say.

  5. A great post, Maria. Recollections being made of the soul’s sweat is so spot on – the things we remember are the things we worked hardest for. Wonderful!

    • kethuprofumo says:

      Thanks for your kind words, dear Robbie. I’m glad you enjoyed the concept. My favourite writer was a great inventor of these sorts of things 🙂 I like another quote of his: What in October seems to be March is only January. 🙂 Oh! Pavic is a rare diamond of the 20th century literature!

  6. Such a thought-provoking post, Maria. I suspect “soul sweat” is a necessary precursor for developing one’s ability to see beauty, experience peace, or feel joy.

  7. fulvialuna1 says:

    Sono sempre stata convinta che rimanga tracce del nostro vissuto in altri tempi, è nell’energia dell’Universo, e a volte riaffiorano inaspettatamente…chissà se è vero?

    • kethuprofumo says:

      Credo di si, cara Fulvialuna. La nostra memoria é una cosa molto complicata. E, a volte, possiamo ricordare gli eventi delle vite precedenti. Grazie per il tuo commento giusto! 🙂

  8. I’m often in new places that I feel I’ve been before but when I ask my parents if I had been there as a child they say no. I read through your post three times, lots to think about.

  9. theburningheart says:

    How truthful your words regarding our precious memories, at least to us meanwhile we have life, but to others just a bunch pf garbage to be disposed!
    At least, those are my reflections, my mother gave me a quite nice collection of old pictures that I treasure, and once in a while I look at them, I have put them in cyberspace and lost them there a couple of times, now I don’t even bother to scan them again, I may be wrong, I guess when I am gone nobody will care about them. 😦

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