Real Friends…Or Rare Friends?


The Cambridge Dictionary defines a friend as ‘a person who you know well and who you like a lot, but who is usually not a member of your family‘ or as ‘someone who is not your enemy and who you can trust‘. I would add to this definition ‘somebody who is responsible enough both for you and for himself’.  

We all know these notions pretty well & when we build a sincere relation with somebody, we believe that it’s for ever, it’s the one to rely on no matter what, it’s this very Real friend we’ve been lucky to discover in our Chaotic world of hate, mistrust & deception. And our new friend seems to share our opinion. He assures us in his best intentions so passionately that  there are no doubts about them. Time passes & here it comes…the moment when our dearest friend must reveal all his true human qualities, assistance & compassion. Well…in fact he does, but in his own way by a betrayal, egoism  suddenly appearing from nowhere & unwish to provide us the help we need.

‘How might this happen?!’ we ask ourselves scrutinizing the same person, who has changed in a moment. There are no more friendly glances, smiles, appropriate manners. His speeches are full of poison or lies, his behaviour displays a total indifference… Oh, well…People are people. And living in the society where relationships of consumption is an ordinary thing it’s so difficult to get rid of this impact & to make a real affair based on  mutual comprehension & honesty.

To be a real friend one must know to give without wishing anything back, without judging somebody’s behaviour, without interfering much into his destiny. To be a real friend means, first of all, to be…in the right place at the right time for others. Is a real friend myth? No, he isn’t. However this phenomenon is so unique that we should rename him in a Rare Friend. 🙂

Maria KethuProfumo


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24 Responses to Real Friends…Or Rare Friends?

  1. Excellent view of friendship. Thanks, Maria.

  2. Your last paragraph sums real friendship up so well, Maria. ❤ xo

  3. HesterLeyNel says:

    Rare friend! I think this is an excellent name for a special person.

  4. Thank my dear. I think sometimes is so difficult to find a real friend… ❤ ❤ ❤

  5. You are right, Maria. A true friend that gives without expecting anything back is a rare and wonderful thing.

    • kethuprofumo says:

      Thank you for your mindful consideration, dear Robbie. I always wonder why people like to call themselves the real friends when they even don’t care much of you. Humans are so odd…

  6. fulvialuna1 says:

    “qualcuno che è responsabile abbastanza sia per te che per se stesso”, complimenti maria, in questa tua definizione c’è tutto l’universo dell’amicizia.

  7. Aquileana says:

    Excellent post… This is exactly how it works. Sigh… The question “Why?” (once the betrayal took place) could become a sort of obsession… We try hard to understand reasons, we then move to a next stage: we try to accept it… even if it is tough and doesn´t make any sense to us… Finally, we move forward. And: as we all live in the same materialistic society you describe we just try to deny our feelings. We just do the withdraw thing… and we start over trying to forget the “friend” (eventually, it also applies to someone we could like: like someone we could have dated, the basis is pretty much the same)… And that´s it… Very fake indeed. But the ideal Friendship, which Aristotle defined as Friendship based on Goodness (hence: unconditional … and above all, disinterested), well is pretty much strange if not extraordinary in our society.
    A great post. Thank you so much for sharing, dear Maria. Love & best wishes, 😀

    • kethuprofumo says:

      Excellent reflections, dear Aquileana. Indeed., the why of betrayal might torture us for ever. People are odd…They like to seem high-flown in the beginning of the relationship to reveal the real nature when the moment comes. Thanks for sharing your considerations! 🙂

  8. Most trusted, knower of your inner thoughts, genuine care and being there even when you disagree

  9. theburningheart says:

    Friendship comes in many ways, easy, nonchalant, difficult, estrange, seldom, unique, different, committed, or not, casual, far, or near, wondrous, and with all the range, of Human emotions, but once we have made a friend for life, we should treasure it, like a rare jewel. 🙂

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