Transforming reality by fingertips

Blogging changes plenty of things. Whether we do it for commercial reason or not, it does something with our mind and sooner or later the nature of this extravagant activity turns any blogger ever living into a blogo-sapiens. Indeed, nice to meet you, my dear Friends.

The blogo-sapiens is a human of the future or even a sort of a cyborg… as you prefer. Simply because his life belongs  to the definite form of reality no more. He combines both the virtual and the real forms of existence. Ordinary widespead blogo-sapiens like to gather various moments of what they call “life” and convert them into blogging by means of available digital means. Thus they build a stable bridge between two worlds and support it with might and main. Not ordinary representatives of this species don’t care much and usually do their best to make their blogging bright and unpredictable. The third kind reveals itself too little in the blogging environment. At the moment they are being studied by best blogo scientists of our time.

Blogo-sapiens’s distinctive features: He inhabits some blog lands without leaving his terrestrial place of origin. He likes writing and this passion makes him a constant member of the blog environment. He might be even very successful doing that. Besides he is an aspiring Reader and it allows him to establish a lot of friendly diplomatic relationships with representatives of other blog lands. The Blogo-sapiens kin is peace-loving. Scientists have not heard about any blog war yet. At the same time this species is full of mysteries. No one knows its food habits, life conditions and life expectancy. The most popular language is English, however scientists highlight appearing of other ones recently.

Blogo-sapiens’s habits: He always has something in his mind and once he will certainly post about that. His day starts with checking traffic, likes and comments and ends with a pretty post writing, reading or liking. From time to time advanced blogo-sapiens gather together for a cup of real tea or coffee and, to scientists’ surprise, at these meetings they look like ordinary people.

In fact, it isn’t so at all! Blogo-sapiens can’t exist without Internet! Take care of them! They are brave pioneers who move progress and the Internet civilization ahead!

Maria KethuProfumo


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Reconstructing the Past for the glorious Future
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26 Responses to Blogo-Sapiens

  1. Super concept, Maria. I am one. (blogosapians)

  2. Wonderful post, Maria! ❤ Sharing… xo

  3. Pupazzovi says:

    Bellissimo…..quindi noi saremmo il gradino successivo dell’evoluzione. Fantastico !!!

  4. adhandmade says:

    Perfect!..Realy perfect!!..
    “Blogo-Sapiens”.. 🙂 🙂
    I like it.. With Love.. ❤

  5. This is so clever, Maria. I really enjoyed it. Shared it on twitter.

  6. kutukamus says:

    Aye, cyborg. With a bloody heart! 🙂

  7. smilecalm says:

    may we continue
    to blossom
    with free access
    to the net 🙂

  8. Panini Times says:

    Nice concept. As a neonate blogo-sapien born just 3 days back, I can already relate to it

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