Concerning Tea and the World Into It

A cup of Earl Grey makes life fabulous and better every day!

Among of all drinks tea is, undoubtedly, most fascinating. Its rich bright colour of golden shades, intense body refreshing forces,wide variety of tastes & mixtures invite us in the world where some Druid’s magic happens. A cup of tea is alike a little unexplored Universe: it’s so curious to search something new and unexpected in a slow dance of tea leaves. There is another civilization there. It’s for sure!

Morning tea foretells Future. Absorbing fresh colours of a new day, it reflects on the surface our expectations, desires and plans. Evening tea is alike Time or a sort of its liquid form. It darkens all what is into the cup and if we look into it, we would definitely find ourselves much older, much fatigued…in brief much something than we are. Green tea reminds of young spring & her friend restless wind. Green tea with jasmine brings memory of a young pure bride. Black tea tells about maturity and age, while its sorts hint that the best things in life usually happen at its second part. Earl Grey calls for a profound meditation. Assam seduces with recollections of far travelling & foreign countries. Masala tea reveals all the richness of earth. White tea glorifies tenderness of water. Red tea praises the power of fire.

Oh, tea! Your world is so diverse and always know to surprise. Pour some hot water and the magic will happen again and again from cup to cup: a new dimension will be opened, new impressions will colour the day, new ideas & thought will reveal themselves. The life runs, hi-tech civilization is speeding up, but we go on having tea, opening new facets of Divine reality with every sip.

Maria KethuProfumo

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Reconstructing the Past for the glorious Future
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17 Responses to Concerning Tea and the World Into It

  1. Love my tea and adore your tea post, Maria! Although my favorites are Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Chai and Irish Breakfast, I savor the flavor of dozens of others on a regular basis. Cheers! Sharing your post. ❤ xo

  2. Love tea, Maria. This was fun.

  3. Wonderful tribute to tea Maria, I love tea since my childhood!!!

  4. I also love tea, Maria, but I have never thought of it like this.

  5. fulvialuna1 says:

    E’ davvero una bevanda magica, se si pensa che addirittura alcune culture le dedicano riti..Io lo adoro ambrato e con pochissimo limone, ma non disegno quello verde, che mia figlia ama tantissimo e che quando lo prepara per se me ne offre una tazza. Lo adoro bevuto rigorosamente in tazza.

  6. smilecalm says:

    so much more
    than sipping 🙂

  7. theburningheart says:

    As I write this to you, by my side my hot cup of tea, to warm me up, and keep me in focus, doing my work. 🙂

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