To Be or To Seem?

My linguistic research I’m working on made me ponder upon these two notions, simple & complicated at the same time. In fact, what are we, people of the hi-tech reality? How much do we feel the essence Creator has put into us? How much do we follow our own path?

Everybody comes into the material world pure. He is a tabula rasa, strongly connected with the Divine. While we’re still children, we support it in a magic way. We’re open, honest, because we’re always ourselves. We don’t know the art of pretending, except too old or too spoiled Souls. And one day the Spiritual bridge between the Divine and us vanishes. We notice something has changed. We feel it very clearly and it perplexes us. We get older, more socialized and step by step we lose the Divine or replace it deliberately with morals and values of the hi-tech world, considering them far important. It’s strange…We escape from God, from purity, from ourselves.

Then the time of masks comes. We try various selves, we change them together with seasons, always hungry for something new, astonishing, with a certain air of importance. And we never do it to please ourselves. Due to unknown reason we’re convinced that these selves will help us to get what we need, to establish contacts, to make people around like us more. No matter that our milieu  doesn’t often size us up. We have no time to ponder upon that. All we know is that we must be like them and unique at the same time. That’s how we lose the self-identity.

Whenever we chose seeming and pretending, something important dies in the bosom. There are no two similar stones, rain drops or flowers petals in the world. Then why are people dissatisfied so much with their uniqueness and don’t cultivate their own character? Why do they put so much effort to seem when they could simply be

Maria KethuProfumo

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21 Responses to To Be or To Seem?

  1. Plenty to ponder… Enjoyed the post, Maria! ❤ xo

  2. Pupazzovi says:

    Davvero interessante

  3. HesterLeyNel says:

    These observations are so true and so sad, Maria. We must learn to let go of our masks and live our lives in the open.

  4. You have raised a very interesting point, Maria. I believe a lot of people feel a great need to conform because they want to be accepted by their friends and family. They hide their real views, feelings and thoughts. Your post reminds me of the lyric from Scatman’s World that says “I want to be a human being not a human doing.

    • kethuprofumo says:

      Wonderful remark, dear Robbie! Thank you! True what you say and it’s a pity for we become enemies of ourselves. It’s indeed very serious and we should learn to balance between expectations of others and our own essence.

  5. Well written Maria!!!

  6. ateafan says:

    Very thoughtful and thought provoking. 🙂

  7. smilecalm says:

    if only the world
    of our societies
    supported living
    in beauty, dear Maria!
    in our quiet spaces
    some of us are able
    to be mask-less,
    but excuse me as i
    put one on to go out 🙂

  8. Aquileana says:

    Excellent post… So much wisdom here… Interestingly enough, it seems that as we try to create our identity and find our own place in the world… we might lose ourselves… Probably many times. You leave me thinking!. Thank you for sharing. Much love xo ❤ 😉
    PS: The etymology of the word Persona (Person) is related to the word Mask, as far a I know. Ironic?!

  9. Really interesting post: it has made me think…

  10. theburningheart says:

    And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 18-3 🙂

  11. Phil Vergon says:

    Honest, lovely, thank you for this expression. You’ve clarified a long standing mystery for me.

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