Babar: Enchanting Elephant Story

Esteemed Readers, I wish to go on a bit an elephant theme, so precious to me :-), & to tell you about Babar. However, many of you should be familiar with this amazing elephant. If be more precise, with a character invented by Cécile de Brunoff & designed by her husband Jean Brunoff  in the beginning of the 20th century.

No matter the story background is so French & often deals with rather national topics, I find it very educational, deep & smart. Babar himself is depicted as a very kind & noble elephant, who has passed various misfortunes before gaining success & a peaceful life. As well he had to study a lot to become the true king. He is a big progress lover, nevertheless he has a deep respect to the environment & doesn’t promote unlimited abusing of nature unlike his opponents, stupid & ignorant rhinoceros. Babar’s milieu represents many positive moral aspects in the way children could catch them easily, while rhinoceros do various shadow sides still staying good in the depth of their souls. I think it’s one of the best Babar’s traits: to show Evil in not an aggressive, an optimistic way, pointing to children that one can change to the better if he wants so. Besides, I find Babar’s story very Christian because it displays an evolution of Spirit through difficulties & obstacles of life.

There are some animation series based on Babar’s story. A full length 1989 movie is the most attractive, to my mind, due to its intense plot & wonderful drawing. It makes ponder on many things, among which balance between progress & the environment are in the foreground.

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10 Responses to Babar: Enchanting Elephant Story

  1. I enjoyed Babar stories as a child. I think the most attractive part of the story was the triumph of good over evil. I remember the elephants painting big eyes on their butts to scare off their enemies

  2. I love Babar, Maria. I also have the songs and music on a CD and we used to play this in the car when the boys were younger. You have inspired me to seek this out and listen to it again. Great post.

  3. theburningheart says:

    I remember as a child reading Babar’s, great stories, bring memories as the poems says:
    Son aquellas pequeñas cosas
    Que nos dejó un tiempo de rosas
    En un rincón
    En un papel
    O en un cajón…

    It’s those little things
    That left us a time of roses
    In a corner
    On a paper
    Or in a drawer… 🙂

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