Simple People Doing Great Deeds II: Elephant Orphanage by Daphne Sheldrick

I learned about this amazing place thanks to my budgie Gregory, who never missed a chance to watch programs, cartoons & movies about elephants. I guess he has considered elephants there to have been his blue friend Peter’s family. 🙂 So, once a set of programs about an elephant orphanage, located in Nairobi, was broadcasted. It gave me a chance to know so much interesting about elephant’s life & to realize how much it was important to protect these majestic animals.

The place is named after David Sheldrick, a famous naturalist & a warden of Tsavo East National Park. It’s directed by his wife, Daphne, & one of its main tasks is saving cubs, became orphans. They search for baby elephants & rhinos around the area, bring them to the orphanage, provide necessary medical aid. Then cubs are cared until they become adult enough to be back into the wild. The orphanage has a very smart management: any new baby is given time to get used to the environment. It has his own baby sitter :-), if I may say so, who is always on guard & never leaves the one who is under his charge. Baby animals life is arranged in such a wonderful way that elephants & rhinos grow up in a very friendly atmosphere without losing contact with the wild. And in spite of the fact that they have experiences terrible misfortunes, many manage to recover completely & to build a normal life in the wild.

The project has already saved not one generation of elephants & rhinos and there are more to come. It’s really a pleasure to know that there are people who do care of the wild nature, who love & respect elephants & rhinos, these big & so unprotected animals, killed mostly for fun. Daphna Sheldrick is a great woman. She has managed to find a way how to build warm-hearted relationships with elephants & rhinos, proving them that humans are able to make a world of good too. She has created her own universe where orphans cubs are fully respected, protected and have all to grow up happy elephants & rhinos. This awesome example of human compassion should teach us a lesson for our own human universe as well.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust:

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22 Responses to Simple People Doing Great Deeds II: Elephant Orphanage by Daphne Sheldrick

  1. Wonderful project! Thanks for sharing, Maria. 🙂 xo

  2. Thank you for sharing this lovely post, Maria. I love reading about people doing amazing things like this.

  3. HesterLeyNel says:

    We can learn so much from their example and leadership to educate those people who have no respect for nature and the beings living in it. Thanks for sharing, Maria.

  4. fulvialuna1 says:

    Conosco questa storia. Meraviglia!
    (mi puoi spiegare come hai fatto ad inserire il traduttore? Grazie )

  5. smilecalm says:

    so compassionate!
    almost makes me
    wish for enough space
    for an elephant 🙂

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